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Synopsis for "Repercussions..!"

Forced to be part of the Circus of Crime's act, doing a comedy routine, Howard is forced into furthering their criminal goals. When Howard questions if Ringmaster has any idea how his thefts effect people's lives and questions his showmanship, he is violently shoved. Almost prophetically, one of the circus patrons Ignatz Hubley, drinking the last of his earnings since he's been unemployed realizes that his money had been stolen when he has to go home and pay his wife the money he promised to keep for her. Enraged, Ignatz gets himself a gun and tries to hold up a gas station.

Meanwhile, Iris having known that she was hiring the Circus of Crime in hopes of catching them for a lark, is tracking them with Winda and Paul in order to rescue Howard from their clutches. However, Paul and Winda become sick of Iris' selfish spoiled-rich-girl attitude and leave her. Winda is attacked and raped by a man on the street, and Paul ends up going to the gas station which is being held up by Ignatz.

Coincidences continue to pile upon each other, as the Circus of Crime's truck stops at the same gas station and the Ringmaster is also held at gun point. When the other Circus members and Howard enter the gas station, Ignatz tries to make a run for it. He is run down by Iris, the collision causes Ignatz to fire his gun which strikes Paul.

Later at a hospital, Howard calls Lee to come up and watch over Winda and Paul -- both hospitalized -- while Howard makes Iris realize that her actions had consequences to them, and Howard begins to plan how they are going to capture the Circus of Crime.

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