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Synopsis for "Cooking With Gas!"

Psychiatrist Dr. Pheels Goode is interrupted from a romantic interlude with his secretary when a patient, and old woman claiming to be a secret agent comes into his office asking to have her sanity evaluated. She recounts how she was working undercover as a waitress at a club, and when she misinterpreted her instructions, told Howard the Duck (Who was there dining with Beverly) about a secret military test which would have an experimental gas tested unknowingly on the population before having to fight off military agents who came to arrest her. When she returned to her employers she tried to tell them what happened, and because she told of a talking duck was recommended to see a shrink. With her story finished Dr. Goode has her taken away by men in white coats.

Right after a clumsy bus driver enters in, recounting having seen a talking duck as well, who had hijacked his bus and ordered him to go to the nearest military base. After recounting this tale, he is also similarly taken away by the men in white coats.

Finally a military general enters in and tells about how a talking Duck infiltrated his office and stole plans for an experimental gas test on the public. Which also lands said general on a one way trip to the loony bin. When Dr. Goode begins to wonder what could be causing these people to see ducks everywhere he spies Beverly and Howard outside and goes crazy himself.

Howard and Bev having just finished turning over the stolen documents to the newspaper remark about the shrink being carried away by the men in white coats, who is quacking like a madman.


  • This is a fill-in issue that chronologically took place prior to Howard and Beverly's departure from Cleveland (back in Howard the Duck #5.) This issue was completed during a time when Steve Gerber departed from Marvel at that time.

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