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Appearing in "Help Stamp Out Ducks!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Joey Goniff

Other Characters:

  • Manny (First appearance) (Joey's agent)
  • Dr.Knudsen
  • Big Arthur
  • Beefy
  • Michelle

Races and Species:


Synopsis for "Help Stamp Out Ducks!"

Howard arrives in Cleveland in order to nurse old memories, and finds the old stomping ground just as vile and disgusting as he remembered it to be. Meanwhile, washed out singer Joey Goniff has come up with a fresh new idea to revitalize his career: Host a telethon to cure a disease.

Running into Howard, Joey manages to talk Howard into pretending his appearance is a birth defect called Duckitis in order to raise money which Joey tells Howard will be turned over to a charity, rationalizing that even though they're fraudulently claiming Howard has a disease in order to boost Joey's career, that they will eventually give most of the money to a worthy cause.

When Joey secures air time on television, his agent advises him that they are going to be playing in Las Vegas, which has Joey on end because -- as Howard soon learns -- Joey has a high marker on his head from some mobster types, and that he intends to use the telethon money to pay off his debts.

After the telethon, Howard has a crisis of conscious and threatens to go to the media if Joey doesn't let Howard take the money to a charity. Conceding, Howard is allowed to take the money which he walks through the streets of Vegas. When he believes he's about to be attacked by various mobsters, Howard is relieved (and made to feel even more guilty) when they all turn out to be people trying to contribute to the charity. Disgusted with himself, Howard gives the entire proceeds to a little girl who was collecting change for the charity for her to donate to her favorite charity and takes a bus back to Cleveland.


  • This is the final issue of Howard the Duck written by Steve Gerber, as he departed from Marvel shortly afterwords.

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