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Synopsis for "If This Be Bongsday!"

Having returned to the Skdge Pennsylvania hospital where Paul and Winda are still recovering from sustained injuries, Howard soon finds himself confronted by Dr. Bong who has appeared to destroy Howard once and for all. However, Bong has first come to force Howard to fight him by threatening to destroy the hospital and framing Howard as a coward in the event that he refuses, before leaving to prepare for the scheduled fight.

After Howard explains to Lee of the series of events that led to his niece being married to Dr. Bong, Lee tells Howard that he has a friend who might be able to help him. While at Dr. Bong's castle, Beverly has managed to convince Bong's creations help her stop him from killing Howard, but is forced to stop her plotting when Bong returns home to prepare.

While back in the States, Howard is taken to Claude Starkowski, a former Vietnam vet who believes that he is the genius behind the creation of Iron Man's armor. Claude creates for Howard a suit of Iron Man inspired armor, with springs and built in flame thrower, plus a device which hopefully will neutralize Bong's powers. Lee and Howard return to the hospital where Bong appears to challenge Howard just as they finish setting up.

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