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With Bong having arrived in the hospital, he uses his bell to freeze everyone, however it does not effect Howard who is protected not only by his armor but by cotton balls stuffed in his ears. The two engage in a battle across the hospital, where Howard, in spite of being greatly outmatched, is able to lure Dr. Bong to the device which negates his powers. However the device malfunctions and Bong manages to grab Howard. With only one compartment untried, Howard opens up the armor's hip unit to find a small hammer. Remembering what happened to Bong last time he hit the bell on his head, Howard takes the hammer and hits Bong on the head with it. The resulting peel from the bell transports both Bong and Howard away and frees everyone from Bong's paralysis.

Howard and Bong rematerialize in Bong's castle, where Bong uses his bell to strip Howard of his armor and removes his cotton balls. However, before Bong can finish Howard, Beverly stops him showing him cloned babies she made and threatens to send a letter to the media outing him as a negligent parent. Conceding and taking the cloned children, Dr. Bong angrily teleports Howard and Beverly back to the hospital. There they are reunited with Lee, and Winda who has come out of her coma.


  • After this issue, Howard the Duck changes to a magazine format and begins a new series starting with Howard the Duck Vol. 2 #1 However, in 1986 there would be two Howard the Duck one-shots, which would use the first volumes numbering system.

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