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Synopsis for "Material Duck"

Howard has won a million dollars through a publishing sweepstakes, and as he is preparing to deliver lines for a commercial he is doing for the sweepstakes, Howard flubs his line and the shoot is cut. Howard, then tells the assembled crew the story of how he won the million dollars and lost it:
Having established himself in Cleveland, having his own apartment and living off social assistance, Howard is one day visited by Ed, the spokesman for a popular publishing sweepstakes who tells him that he's won ten million dollars. Howard soon finds himself thrust into the life of the rich and famous, hiring Ed to be his consultant.

Badgered by people all day, hoping to use a bit of his money for their own selfish ends, Howard is reunited with Beverly who eventually leaves when she finds that wealth has changed Howard for the worse. Seeking a mate, Howard hires and sinks most of his fortune in a Canadian scientist who hopes to recreate life. Howard sinks all his money into creating Alexis the Duck, to be his mate. However Alexis turns out to be a greedy money hungry maniac, because the doner brain used was that of one of Ed's ex-wives. With Howard's riches exhausted, Alexis leaves Howard.

After the shoot, Howard is picked up by a man who is heading to San Francisco, and asks to be dropped off in Cleveland.

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