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With money tight, Howard and Beverly begin considering their employment options, with Beverly deciding to do more modeling for art classes. When Beverly suggests that they try to make it rich, Howard scoffs at the silly notion deciding that he should find a real job. Sent out to buy supper (Which with their current income amounts to buying chocolate bars) Howard goes to the store, however while browsing the comic books he is outraged at the way ducks are portrayed in the book. Angrily smashing the comic on the ground, Howard is made to buy the comic book by the store manager and is only able to buy one chocolate bar.

Still upset over how ducks are portrayed, Howard tries to air his outrage on a radio call in show and is hung up on when the DJ's think he's a nut. The next day, Howard tries to portray ducks properly by getting a job on "Gonzo the Clown Kiddie Kartoon Korner" a popular children's television program. Casted as Dopey Duck, Howard is pied in the face and not willing to suffer such an indignity punches out Gonzo on live television and is fired even though the children in the audience cheered him on.

While wandering the streets, Howard is recognized by the owner of E-Z Credit Appliance Company, who offers him a job as a collections agent. When he has to call a woman about back payments she owes, Howard wonders why the woman can't make her payments. Calling at the woman's house, Howard finds that she is an impoverished woman who's husband bought the TV and left her with the bills when she has four children to raise. She tells Howard about how she didn't realize that the 40 cent a day payments would equate to paying $900 dollars for a TV set that would normally cost $400 and that it wouldn't last the amount of time it would take to pay it off. Heartbroken with the woman's story, Howard tells her that she can keep the television and that it's paid off and quits his job, finding that he doesn't have the heart for the work.

While browsing in the papers for a job, Howard comes across a challenge made by a wrestler named Emile "The Goat" Klout offering any man who can beat him in the ring $10,000. Howard decides to take the challenge in spite of Beverly's warning about how unbeatable "The Goat" appears to be. Riding to the arena the next day, Howard is once more accosted by the Kidney Lady, who once more accuses him of being a Kidney Thief and spouts off about the conspiracies she believes in.

Arriving at the arena, Howard prepares to face "The Goat" while other opponents are easily defeated by the apparently unbeatable wrestler. When Howard steps into the ring, he uses his smarts and is able to knock "The Goat" out cold, however when his manager realizes that Howard is a duck, he manages to weasel a way out of paying Howard the $10,000 by saying the challenge went out to any MAN who went into the ring. However, after some negotiation, the manager for "The Goat" sets up Howard and Beverly up with enough money to pay off their bills, and the two decide to leave Cleveland for New York and begin hitchhiking their way.

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