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Synopsis for "The Secret House of Forbidden Cookies!"

As their hitchhiking to New York is meeting troubles after Howard gets them kicked out of a car for refusing to put out his cigar, and after narrowly avoiding being struck by a driver who figured Howard was a demon, the two travelers get into an argument and part company. While Howard finds a place to sleep outside, Beverly comes across a crumbling Victorian manor and is invited in by the young Patsy Dragonsworth.

The next morning, Howard is discovered by the Reverend Joon Moon Yuc and his followers the Yucchies, a religious group who believe Howard to be a demon. When Howard tries to get a ride with them (which they refuse to give anyway) they are interrupted by the arrival of horse riding real estate agent Heathcliff Rochester, who mistakes Howard for Reverent Yuc (Believing the reverend's name to be Reverend Duck) who takes Howard off to see a mansion that is for sale at a discounted price, a house which Reverend Yuc and his followers hoped to purchase.

At said mansion, Beverly prepares breakfast for Patsy and her insane mother. Breakfast is interrupted when a bunch of townspeople, who believe Patsy to be a witch show up to tear the house down. Heathcliff arrives with Howard and a band of dogs to drive the locals off. Invited in, Howard and Beverly make up and learn that the townspeople believe that Patsy is a witch and that she is creating monsters and that's why Patsy's mother is trying to sell the house. Patsy insists that she creates no monsters and only wishes to bake cookies. When Reverend Yuc arrives, also believing that Patsy is making monsters, Patsy takes them all to the cellar to show them what she's been working on. The setup is reminiscent to a scene out of Frankenstein, however Patsy insists that she is baking cookies in spite of the fact that there is a humanoid shape under a blanket in the middle of the room. Activating the device under protest, Patsy reveals her creation: A gigantic gingerbread man. As everyone tries to clear the room, the giant cookie-being begins to spring to life.


  • Plot assist by Skrenes.

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