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Synopsis for "The Way the Cookie Crumbles"

Patsy's Gingerbread Man has sprung to life and starts lurching towards all gathered, Beverly and Howard make a break for it. However, Howard decides to turn and fight and begins attacking the Gingerbread Man, eating the monsters leg off. Short a leg, the Gingerbread Man stumbles backwards into a machine causing a chain reaction. Howard and Beverly manage to make it out of the house just before it explodes apparently killing everyone else inside. Howard and Beverly then resume their hitchhiking to New York.

Sometime later, Howard and Beverly are picked up by country western star Dreyfus Gultch who is in New York to sing the national anthem during the All-Night Party's National Convention. Howard and Beverly ask Dreyfus if he can help them get jobs in New York, and Dreyfus (attracted to Beverly) agrees to try and help them out. The two get jobs for the convention, Beverly as a hospitality girl and Howard as a security guard. That night, as they receive their uniforms, they get the first in a series of cryptic notes giving a part of a recipe.

During the convention, Howard takes note of the very lax security (the chief of security is more busy messing around with the hospitality girls to give Howard directions) and dispenses his straight-forward advice on political matters such as the powers the CIA should have and which candidate to follow: Wauldrop or Wauldrap.

That night, Howard goes out with some of the party members and Dreyfus to a strip-club where Howard gets yet another cryptic message. Realizing that it's a recipe for Baked Alaska, Howard realizes that there is a bomb in the building. Rushing to the convention speech being made by Wauldrop, Howard spies standard for Alaska is starting to smoke. Pulling it free, Howard puts it into a seven layer cake which muffles the blast. After the explosion, the cake covered Wauldrop, finding the post as party leader too dangerous quits. Shortly after all present nominate Howard to be their candidate.

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