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  • Le Beaver's Exoskeleton

Synopsis for "Scandal Plucks Duck"

With headlines featuring a doctored photo of Howard and Beverly in a bathtub together (an obvious phony) ruins Howard's chance at winning the election to become President of the USA. The Bellhop at their hotel has traveled up to Canada to tell his employer, Le Beaver, that his mission is a success.

While in New York City, after the election is over, Dreyfus tells Howard that his connections in the CIA told him the scandal was orchestrated by somebody in Canada, and that their bellboy was hired by them. Dreyfus gives them a lead informing him that the boy had moved to Ontario. After some convincing by both Beverly and Dreyfus, Howard agrees to travel up to Canada and force the mastermind to confess in order to clear their good names, and the image of the All-Night Party.

Boarding their plane, they are unaware that it is rigged by the Bellhop who tries to make the plane crash and kill them both. The plane does crash, in Canada near their destination, however Howard and Beverly survive the crash. They are rescued by Sgt. Preston Dudley of the RCMP along with his horse Prince and his dog Elizabeth. Telling Dudley their story, Dudley deduces that the culprate is none other than Pierre Dentifiris, an extremist Canadian nationalist who loathes the United States. Taking them to Dentifiris' home, they found a crippled old man. Pierre tells them that he hated America, and that after the US military foiled a plot in which he had use beavers to dam Niagara Falls, he hated America even more. When the US bombed the beavers, the incident apparently aged Pierre 73 years and made him a cripple. Believing that Pierre cannot be their man, Howard and Beverly leave.

That night, they are attacked by the Bellboy who is dressed up like Uncle Sam who has come to kill them. However, Howard is able to incapacitate the Bellboy with the help of Dudley, but they find that in the commotion Beverly has been kidnapped. Tracking her down, they find her the captive of Pierre at Niagara Falls. Pierre is in a giant beaver exoskeleton calling himself Le Beaver. Challenging Howard to a duel on a tightrope, Howard chickens out and when Le Beaver tries to follow, he loses his balance and falls into Niagara Falls.

After Dudley frees Beverly, they praise Howard as a hero, however Howard doesn't feel that way based on his cowardly actions.

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