Quote1 I've been dragged around the universe for long enough! So far the only guy to speak some sense is the slick nudist! Which, frankly, makes me long for my days... of pantsless wisdom! Quote2
-- Howard the Duck

Appearing in "Duck! Duck! Loose!"

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Synopsis for "Duck! Duck! Loose!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

• She's obsessed, she's powerful, she's ALMOST the new herald of Galactus! And like the rest of the universe, SCOUT is after Howard. But with an eye to ending the hunger of the Devourer of Worlds!

• Plus: The Silver Surfer! The Stranger! The Guardians of the Galaxy! All in a story of Howard on the run we're calling ... FOWL MOVEMENT!

• Oh god, are we really calling it that?

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