In the Battleworld domain of New Quack City, Howard the Human is a private investigator who is the only known human living there. Upon being approached by Adrian Toomes of the Vulture Robbers, to whom Howard owed money, in Connors' Pub, which is owned by bartender Curt Connors, Howard started to tell them the tale of what had happened to him earlier that day.

Howard had been hired by the Cat Lady to find a spy inside her organization, but someone was able to find him before Howard, and killed him. The Cat Lady then gave Howard twelve hours to find the assassin, otherwise she would kill him.

Howard sought the help of Mouse Murdock, who figured out that the informant was playing possum on orders from a Wilson Fisk who wanted to take his main rival, the Cat Lady, down. As he didn't want anyone messing up with his plan, Fisk ordered his Hand monkey ninjas to kill them, and Howard was knocked out, but Murdock managed to defeat them all alone.

After regaining consciousness, Howard was given a piece of paper with the information he needed to solve the case by Murdock, who told him he himself would deal with Fisk afterwards. With the authorities soon arriving, Howard, who was running out of time on the Cat Lady's deadline, took his car and fled the scene to Connors' Pub as the paper had instructed.

Back in the present, the Cat Lady entered the bar with her gang to kill Howard for not completing his mission, but in the nick of time, K-9 Police Officers arrived, arresting both Hardy and Toomes, as well as their henchmen.

Ultimately, the informant, Peter Possum, revealed himself to have been hiding in the back room at Connors' Pub all along, and when Felicia asked Howard why he had done what he did, when he could had turned the spy over to her and walked away with a lot of money, he replied that Toomes would have taken his money if he had done it that way, so he decided to turn the informant over to the district attorney, take the reward offered for his capture, and allow him to testify against the Cat Lady instead.[1]

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