Rhea Silvia + Unknown

Small Folk Earth-78411 + Moon-Boy (Earth-9997)
Moon People Earth-9997

Many Generations Previous (11 Century AD)

Unknown + Unknown
Folkbern Logan

Two Generations Previous

Howlett + Unknown
John Howlett, Sr.

_ Hudson + unknown
Elizabeth Hudson

Elias Hudson

Frederick Hudson

Folkbern Logan + Unknown
(generations later)
Thomas Logan

Previous Generation

Elizabeth Hudson + John Howlett, Sr. + Thomas Logan
John Howlett, Jr. James Howlett

Thomas Logan + Unknown
"Dog" Logan

Ronald Kinney + Leslie Kinney
Deborah Kinney

Sarah Kinney

Frederick Hudson + Caitlyn MacDonald
Frederick Hudson II

Current Generation

James Howlett + Itsu Akihiro + Gahck + Mariko Yashida
+ Sarah Kinney (creator/mother) + Veronica Connor + Ophelia Sarkissian + unknown + unknown + Dolores Downing + unknown + unknown + Native + Ms. Corbo
Akihiro Erista Amiko Kobayashi Laura Kinney
Zelda (cloned from Laura Kinney)
Bellona (cloned from Laura Kinney)
Gabby (cloned from Laura Kinney)
X23_3PAR (cloned from Laura Kinney)
Six more "Sisters" (cloned from Laura Kinney)
Avery Connor Saw Fist Shadow Stalker Gun Hawk Canon Foot Fire Knives Unborn Fetus Flex
(relationship status unproven)

Akihira + Natsumi
Akihiro (adopted)

Deborah Kinney + unknown
Megan Kinney

Frederick Hudson II + unknown + Bernice + unknown
Truett Hudson Victor Hudson James Hudson

Ramsey McNeil + Claire McNeil
Rebecca McNeil

Heather McNeil

five unnamed sons

Future Generation

Heather McNeil + James Hudson + James Hudson (Earth-1610)
Claire Hudson (Earth-616)
James Hudson Jr. (Earth-1610)

Laura Kinney + Blackheart (creator)
+ Venom Symbiote
Symbiote Warriors (cloned from Laura Kinney)

Alternate Reality Previous Generation

Earth-10005 Earth-10005 Earth-77013
Thomas Logan + Elizabeth Hudson aka Mrs Howlett + Victoria Creed + Victoria Creed
James Howlett Victor Creed Graydon Creed Sr.

Alternate Reality Current Generation

Part 1

Earth-295 Earth-717 Earth-982 Earth-1298 Earth-1610 Earth-3470 Earth-4011 Earth-5700
James Howlett + Jean Grey + Mariko Yashida + Silver Fox + unknown + Elektra Natchios + Mariko Yashida + Magda Lensherr + Heather McDaniel + Several Unnamed Women
+ Carol Danvers
Kirika unnamed son Hudson Logan Rina Logan Mari Logan
Brian Logan
Jimmy Hudson Several Unnamed Children

Part 2

Earth-9811 Earth-11201 Earth-12025 Earth-13729 Earth-18119 Earth-25158 Earth-90816 Earth-95099 Earth-807128
James Howlett + Ororo Munroe + Itsu + Hercules + Raven Darkholme + Jean Grey Adoption + Red Sonja + Ororo Munroe + Maureen Logan + Gaea Adoption
Kendall Logan
unnamed son
John Howlett III Raze Darkholme Katherine Howlett Cameron Pryde Scotty Logan
Jade Logan
unborn child Bruce Banner Jr.

Part 3

James Howlett + Sylvie D'Arqueness
Reine du Rien

Logan's clones

Earth-161 Earth-TRN237 Earth-13119 Earth-17315
Nathaniel Essex
Fabian Cortez
(accidental creator)
Nathaniel Essex
Zander Rice
Logan Shadowcat
(fused with Wolverine's DNA via power overload)
James Howlett Kouen X-24

Alternate Reality Future Generations

Earth-691 Earth-691
James Howlett + unknown (four generations later) + unknown (four generations later)
Rancor Bat-Wing

Rancor + Talon

Victor Creed a.k.a Sabretooth

Victor Creed's relationship to Wolverine varies from reality to reality. In Earth-10005 he is Logan's half brother although in Earth-616 he is much younger than Wolverine. Dog Logan (Earth-616) is Wolverine's half-brother in the main Earth-616 continuity and in Marvel Noir's Earth-90214 reality. In Earth-1610 Victor Creed is Logan's putative son. While in Earth-161 the reverse is true; Victor Creed is Logan's father. In Earth-77013 Victor Creed calls Wolverine "baby brother".

See Creed Family Tree for more information.

Earth-295 Earth-2600 Earth-161 Earth-80911 Earth-92131 Earth-13035 Earth-TRN237
Victor "Sabretooth" Creed
aka Graydon Creed Sr.
N/A (adopted) + Unknown + Elizabeth Braddock + Mystique + Holly "Holo" Bright Nathaniel Essex (Earth-TRN237)
Clarice Ferguson(adopted)
Graydon Creed
David Richards Logan
Victor Creed (Clone) (Earth-161)
Brian Creed

Celia Creed

William Creed
Graydon Creed, Jr. Unnamed Son and Daughter
Victor Creed (Clone) (Earth-TRN237)

Lupine Mutants

Lupine Mutants are mutants who Romulus claimed that some human evolved from canines instead of primates, the Lupine, or Lupus sapiens. Remus stated that these claims are nothing but lies made up by Romulus. Lupine Mutants are probably a sub-species of Mutants. Mutants in the Lupine Mutants group are Romulus, Wolverine, Daken and Wolverine's other offspring, Sabretooth, Wolfsbane, Wild Child, Thornn, Feral and Sasquatch (although he isn't a mutant in the common way). Other likely candidates being The Native, Maximus Lobo, and Shiv.

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