The Howling Commandos were Dracula's elite team of monster soldiers. When Commando the Invisible Man was discovered to be a traitor, the other Commandos were ordered by Dracula to execute him. They were later ordered to escort Dracula's future bride Shiklah to the River Styx so she could deliver the ashes of her late brothers.

Secretly; however, Shiklah planned to destroy Dracula because he was the one who killed her brothers, and she wanted revenge. She obtained the Sceptre of the Manticore to carry out that revenge but needed a headpiece for the Sceptre to work. She would go after the headpiece during her trip to the River Styx. Commando Werewolf by Night was given a special mission by Dracula: get rid of Shiklah.[1]

However, the Commandos admitted to Shiklah what Dracula ordered them to do because they wanted him gone as well. They also revealed that they never killed the Invisible Man. Instead, they faked his death so he could spy on Dracula for the other Commandos. Then the Commandos and Shiklah joined forces to crush Dracula.[2]

The ghost of Deadpool from Earth-616 joined Shiklah's journey, who had been watching events in Monster Metropolis unfold. Only Commando Frankenstein's Monster could sense Deadpool's presence.

Following a map that led the way to the headpiece, Shiklah and the Commandos walked through a portal that transported them to the domain of Weirdworld where the Temple of the Manticore was located and where the headpiece was hidden away. They traveled for hours in search of the temple.

When they found it, they then acquired the headpiece of the scepter, the Totem of the Manticore. Afterwards, the Living Mummy teleported them back to Monster Metropolis, where Dracula, who was driven mad by the Invisible Man, was attacking anyone he considered a betrayer.[3]

The Commandos helped Shiklah confront Dracula and his army of vampires, and at the same time fought for the control of the Sceptre of the Manticore. After most of the Commandos were killed, Dracula's forces were able to subdue Shiklah and obtain the Sceptre of the Manticore. Deadpool used the abilities of his ghostly form to possess the body of one of Dracula's servants and throw the Sceptre to Shiklah. Shiklah then used the sceptre to kill Dracula.

After Dracula's defeat, Shiklah rallied the inhabitants of Monster Metropolis and convinced them to invade the world above and conquer it. Shiklah also finally noticed Deadpool's ghost, who warned her not to confront the upper world, but Shiklah ignored his warning. As Shiklah prepared to attack the upper world, the Thor Corps arrived after noticing the fight between Dracula and Shiklah showdown. The Corps quickly killed Skiklah and the army of monsters and destroyed Monster Metropolis.[4]


Weapons: Marcus' Symbiote, Sceptre of the Manticore, and Totem of the Manticore


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