Hrymer was king of the Frost Giants. He and Thor met at some point in the past when Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, landed in his castle after Thor had foolishly thrown it too far during a contest with Loki. Although none of the Frost Giants could lift Mjolnir, Hrymer would only return it to Thor if Thor could best one of his giants in a feat of Strength. Thor was defeated in the first two tests, an eating contest and drinking all the nectar in a giant cup, but succeeded in the third, wrestling a crone, and reclaimed Mjolnir. Enraged about being defeated in his own castle, Hrymer swore revenge on Thor.

After this, Hrymer allied himself with Loki and Enchantress. Together they planned to steal the Golden Apples of Idunn and ruin Asgard. Loki tricked the young heroes known as Power Pack into going to Asgard to find these apples in order to save their dying grandmother. When Power Pack met with Thor and Beta Ray Bill, Hrymer attacked them. He allowed Power Pack to defeat him so they would gain the respect of Thor and be allowed to come to Odin to ask for the Golden Apples. This way, Power Pack unknowingly brought four magical gems that Loki had given them within Asgards walls, and Enchantress was able to use her spell, turning all Asgardians into babies. With this part of the plan successfully finished, Loki tricked Power Pack into getting the Golden Apples for him, which they did. With the apples now in their possession, Loki, Enchantress and Hrymer revealed their true identity and captured the heroes, while and army of Frost Giants attacked the now defenseless Asgard.

However, at this point it turned out Loki's plan did contain one big flaw; the theft of the apples and the resulting rapid aging of the Asgardians started Ragnarok and awoke the giant serpent Jormungand. His arrival in Asgard drove off the Frost Giant army. Power Pack, Thor and even the Pet Avengers tried to fight the beast off, with no success, until Alex grabbed Mjolnir and was granted Thor's powers. At Julie's request, Thor destroyed the gems, which caused Enchantress' spell to backfire against her, Loki, and Hrymer. All three were turned into babies, after which Julie easily tricked baby-Loki into giving her the apples, ending Ragnarok.

Hrymer was still a baby when Thor returned Power Pack to Earth.


As a Frost Giant, Hrymer's immense size grants him huge physical strength and durability. Being a Frost Giant King, Hrymer is most likely stronger than an average Frost Giant.

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