Hu Sha became a refugee when the Korean War broke out in the early 1950s. Her and her parents supported the United Nations that were on the side of South Korea. Early on in the war she befriended an American corporal named Joe who gave her perfume as a gift.

Tragedy struck when her family home was attacked by the Chinese guerilla fighter known as Manchuria Mary who murdered her parents and stole the bottle of perfume. Seeking vengeance, Hu Sha vowed to capture Mary and turn her over to American soldiers who were active in the area. In her hunt for Mary, Hu Sha came across the American soldiers Battle Brady and Socko Swenski who were just recently knocked out by Manchuria Mary just moments earlier. When the two soldiers came around, and still unsure the true identity of Manchuria Mary began to argue over if Hu Shan was the woman they were after or not. Hearing Manchuria Mary coming back with a troop of female soldiers, Hu Sha knocked the two soldiers out again and hid in the bushes.

When Manchuria Mary and her troops returned, Hu Sha got the drop on them and threatened to blow them up with a grenade. When Battle and Socko came around again, Hu Sha pointed out the real Manchuria Mary, recognizing the perfume she was wearing as the brand that she stole from her. Hu Sha then turned over Mary and her minions over to Socko and Battle. Hu Sha kissed Battle in thanks for his assistance in helping her avenge her family.[1]

However, Manchuria Mary and her minions managed to escape their captivity. Mary tracked down Hu Sha and took her prisoner in revenge for her earlier capture. Mary almost succeeded in burning Hu Sha alive, but Hu Sha was rescued by Battle Brady and Socko Swenski who tracked down Manchuria Mary again. When Mary and her minions were taken prisoner again, Hu Sha kissed Battle again for saving her life.[2]

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