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Hugh Jones was the president of Roxxon Oil.[1]

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He was kidnapped by Madame Viper and her Serpent Squad and was forced into contact with the Serpent Crown of Lemuria.[1][2][3]

This evil influence later precipitated Jones to lead a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government. He conspired with Buzz Baxter to hire the Squadron Supreme to defeat the Avengers[4][5] and transported them all to the Squadron's universe,[6] where the President of the US was also under the control of the Serpent Crown.[6][7] He was eventually defeated by the Avengers after they returned from the Squadron's world and Thor overcame the crown-controlled Orka.[8]

Jones continued to have a mental link with the Serpent Crown and was able to locate the crown even though the Vision disposed of it in the Atlantic Ocean.[9] Later the Thing was able to separate Jones from the accursed crown.[10]

Unfortunately for Jones, breaking the link between Jones and the Serpent Crown caused the chairman to become mentally ill. He was eventually replaced as the president of Roxxon.[11]



  • Business: Hugh Jones was a skilled businessman.[11][12]



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