Hugo's partner Gabbo astonished audiences for years with his ability to throw his voice and make it seem that his dummy was alive. Their comedy routine won them accolades and invitations to prestigious events. The dummy, however, was actually Hugo dressed in a wooden mask. The duo were later employed by Luther Cragg as part of projecting a legitimate business front on the riverboat he was using as a mobile base of operations for his criminal activities. Gabbo and Hugo would entertain the unsuspecting audiences with the performance of their renowned act. Gabbo, however, played another role in Cragg's operations, for he would send Hugo to rob the guests' rooms while they slept, taking advantage of Hugo's size to slip in and out unnoticed.

Cragg and his men were eventually opposed by the Rawhide Kid who had had dealings with Cragg before. This time, although the Kid faced an entire riverboat full of hired guns working for Cragg, Hugo stepped up to aid the Kid. Hugo's sudden turn against Gabbo was credited with ending Cragg's operation, though Hugo had been dissatisfied with his criminal career, and found his robberies to be distasteful, and pretending to be a dummy simply insulting. It was the Rawhide Kid's vouching for Hugo that spared him from a jail sentence with the rest of the crew, and the Kid went on to spend several months teaching Hugo how to handle a gun and become a trick shot. Hugo had once feared that performing in a carnival would be yet another indignity he would have to suffer because of his size, but his sharpshooting performances won him genuine admiration.

Since this time Hugo has also purportedly lent his services out as a gunslinger, even answering a request for help from Gabbo to rescue his daughter from savage Indians, although there was no love lost between the former partners themselves.




Hugo is an excellent marksman and quick draw, having been taught by the Rawhide Kid himself. He was also a master theif thanks to his small size.



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