Hugo Longride was a sports agent who created the Underground Mutant Theatre in Hollywood, California and formed the combatants into the Gladiators, who would stage battles for the amusement of the audience. At some point he recruited the mutant named Alexander Flynn to work as a talent scout to find new mutants to fight in the arena.

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Hugo and Flynn came into conflict about the running of the Underground Mutant Theatre on several occasions, starting out with small differences of opinion and growing until they became major conflicts. Flynn then tried to use Dazzler and the other Gladiators in an attempt to usurp Hugo's position as leader of the group. The Gladitors sided with Flynn, and killed him.

It turned out that Hugo was really a Doombot created by Doctor Doom in order to keep an eye on Flynn, who wanted to invade and conquer Latveria. With Hugo's destruction, Doctor Doom was alerted and came to the Underground Mutant Theatre to stop Flynn's plans, however, he witnessed Flynn being dealt with by the young mutant, Link.

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Hugo Longride was a Doombot

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