Hugo Travis2

Travis with Brian Braddock

Doctor Travis was the senior research scientist at the Darkmoor Energy Research Centre at the time when The Reaver and his men attacked the complex seeking to steal their research into a new fusion reactor system. Travis was rendered unconscious by a stun blast almost immediately when the villains broke in, but his protege Brian Braddock escaped[1] and later defeated the Reaver after being granted the power of Captain Britain by Merlyn.

Dr Travis's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas #1. In an alternate reality story in Marvel Heroes (UK) Vol 1 34 (May 2011), years later, after Captain Britain had revealed his double identity to the world, this world's Travis asked him to come back to Darkmoor in order to assist on a new project, generating energy by the use of anti-matter particles. Unfortunately, the complex was almost immediately attacked again, this time by the cyborg mercenary Assassin-8 (working for the Secret Empire), and Travis found himself working frantically to stop a potentially catastrophic breach in the antimatter containment unit.

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