Appearing in "Into the Myth-Realm"

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  • Therapist (Only appearance)[1]

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  • Magic Mirrors
  • Sword

Synopsis for "Into the Myth-Realm"

Bruce Banner is at his wits end trying to find some way to deal with his constant transformations into the Hulk. He has come to someone for help and as he pours out his heart to explain his problems he suddenly finds himself falling through a spiraling galaxy. Soon he comes out of a mirror in a strange forest where he witnesses an amazing sight: A Gnome fighting a dragon. When the Gnome's hat is light aflame, he tries to flee tossing the sword to Banner. Banner doesn't know how to use the sword, but uses it to defend himself anyway. Surprisingly, Bruce is able to slaughter the dragon, and much to his surprise, without transforming into the Hulk. The Gnome introduces himself as Nimbli and he explains that he has summoned Bruce Banner to this world on behalf of his master Saraband who needs Banner on a most dire quest. Bruce demands answers, but he get none as the are interrupted by the arrival of demons. Following Nimbli, the two mount onto the back of Centaurs who take them out the forest.

Soon they are at the floating boat castle of Sarabath, who introduces himself to Bruce Banner. The elderly wizard explains to Bruce that he is in Myth-Realm, another dimension where the myths of Earth truly exist. He then explains how the realm is threatened by the evil wizard known as Darkshorn who has kidnapped Princess Morgaina the ruler of this realm. To prevent Sarabath from rescuing the maiden, Darkshorn erected a mystical barrier around the castle that prevents anyone but monsters from crossing it. Inside the barrier, Morgaina has been sealed in a veil of darkness that will corrupt her soul. If that happens, then their realm will be destroyed. With only one day remaining, Sarabath explains that he had Banner summoned here because he can turn into a monster and pass through the mystical barrier.

Banner agrees to go on this quest, but points out that he has not been able to transform into the Hulk since he arrived. Sarabath explains that the magics of this realm prevent Banner from transforming as long as he has courage. So in order to make the transformation happen, Nimbly is being sent along with Banner to give him a potion that will trigger a transformation as soon as they get to the barrier. Soon, Bruce and Nibmly are on their journey, fighting many monsters along the way. However, when they get to the barrier a demon tries to make off with Bruce's compaion. Nimbly is able to toss the potion down to Bruce who drinks it and is instantly transformed into the Hulk. Dimly remembering his mission, the Hulk frees the Gnome and then leaps past the barrier.

When arrives at the castle, the Hulk fights his way through the various monsters and frees Morgaina from the darkness surrounding her. This doesn't reverse the spell, only stops it temporarily. Darkshorn then tries to defeat his foe by placing a spell that traps both Morgaina and the Hulk within a tower of castle. However, with Morgaina awake she can alter the reality of this land and suspends time for all eternity, putting Darkshorn's spell on pause indefinitely. Seeing the Hulk's inner beauty, she passes the time trying to get him to understand that she loves him for who he is. The Hulk refuses to believe this and when his temper gets the better of him he smashes the hourglass that has kept time suspended. In order to break Darkshorn's spell, the Hulk rips the tower out of the castle and leaps back to Sarabath's camp. There they are followed by Darkshorn who demands vengeance. However, no matter how powerful the wizard is, the Hulk is able to smash him to oblivion.

In the aftermath of the battle, Morgaina changes the Hulk back into Bruce Banner and points out that this proves her point that the Hulk is beautiful inside. When Banner begins to consider staying here forever, he is suddenly pulled back to Earth. He suddenly snaps awake and discovers that the is still in the same psychologist's office he was in before his adventure. as it turns out, it was all a hypnotically enduced dream that was supposed to help him make peace with the Hulk. With the session over, Banner thanks the woman -- who looks a lot like Morgaina -- leaves. Out on the street, Banner thinks he can finally learn to live with his alter-ego, the Hulk.

Appearing in "Marvel's Changeling Heroes"

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Synopsis for "Marvel's Changeling Heroes"

An article about Marvel's various characters who undergo strange transformations such as the Hulk, Werewolf by Night, the Thing, and the Man-Wolf.

Appearing in "All in Color for a Crime!"

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  • Jacob Weltman
  • Mr. Weltman
  • Mrs. Weltman




Synopsis for "All in Color for a Crime!"

New York City, 1937:

Dominic Fortune and his landlord Sabbath Raven have ventured to New York City, as Dominic is angry that Jacob Weltman has fashioned a comic book character called the Slasher who is based off Fortune and his adventures. As it turns out Weltman is the son of an old family friend back when Dominic was Duvid Fortunov. When they pay a visit to the Weltman home on the Lower East Side, Dominic learns that his son has not been by to visit in quite a while. They also learn that he has been drawing comic books for Acme Publications up on Madison Avenue.

Traveling uptown, Dominic, and Raven pay a visit to Acme Publications and are shocked to discover that the artists are working on Nazi propaganda. Dominic is then attacked by one of the employees until the fight is broken up by the publisher orders the pair out of his business. When Dominic and his companion are gone, the publisher tells his minion to eliminate Fortune as well as the Weltman boy.

Later that evening, Dominic and Raven are waiting for the subway train, and when it arrives someone on board tries to shoot at them. Dominic pushes Sabbath aside and then runs after the train, managing to leap on board. There he easily subdues his attackers. As it happens, the train passes by the offices of Acme Publications and it arrives just as the published is about to kill Jacob. Dominic comes smashing in through the window as the train passes and beats up Jacob's would be killers. The fight abruptly ends when Sabbath arrives with the police. Seeing the evidence of Nazi propaganda in the art studio, the publisher and his goon are taken into custody.

Jacob is greatful for the rescue and has decided that costumer crime fighters are no longer interesting and shows Dominic his newest idea, Slasher Mouse, much to Dominic's further irritation.

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