Informally known as the "Hulk's Cave", Banner Hideout B-733 was an underground grotto located beneath a lake in the Chihuahuan Desert of New Mexico. It was discovered many years ago by Bruce Banner shortly after his first transformation into the incredible Hulk.

Hulk's Cave from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 2 0001

Jones sealing Banner inside.

Banner erected a ten-foot thick concrete slab to block the entranceway into the cave. The exterior of the slab was outfitted with a hydraulic press that pushed and pulled the slab along its track, allowing egress into the cave. The mechanisms for operating the press had adjustable balances so that only minimal torque was required to open and seal the cave. Banner instructed his teenage accomplice Rick Jones to seal Banner inside the cave on the nights that he transformed into the Hulk. At dawn, when the Hulk reverted back to his human form, Rick was to release him.[2]

Although its initial uses were successful, it wasn't long before the Hulk's strength proved too much for even the massive steel door and ramrod. Upon transforming into the Hulk, he pushed forward against the door-block, splintering the press that held it in place. Banner later repaired the damage and put it to use once more.[3]

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