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Synopsis for "Reality Check"

Hulk comes across the creature known as Pitt in prehistoric times, and confronts Pitt in front of his tribe on top of a mountain. The two study each other for a moment, and attack. Hulk wields a club, and Pitt breaks off a bone from the skeleton of a large animal that he and his tribe were feasting on. The two collide in a titanic struggle, mercilessly pounding on each other. They beat each other senseless with their weapons, and when those break, they continue to fight it out using their fists. Pitt begins gaining the upper hand by using his sharp claws on the Hulk's face, but Hulk shrugs them off and continues his attack. A small boy in the tribe watches the battle, and begins to smile, realizing that the volcano that they're on is about to erupt. As they continue to fight, lava rises around them, and it eventually consumes them both.

At Pittsdale Orphanage, a young boy named Timmy stands inside looking out the window. Elsewhere in the building, the principe, Mrs. Riggs interviews Rick Jones in her office, and she gets him to sign her copy of his book, Sidekick. She tells him that the boy, Timmy, just showed up one day and that they took him in. He had a wild story that a creature named Pitt was casing him. Apparently a caseworker named Darla Miller has been working with him, and he's developed a small crush on her. Outside the complex, the Hulk watches, hiding in some trees. Meanwhile, Pitt spirals through unreality, and he remembers Timmy, who has the power to bend reality, saying that he never wanted to be friends with him, before sending Pitt away. Pitt remembers being blasted by energy from Timmy's hand, and he says that he wants a mom, and that he wants to be as far away from Pitt as he can. Meanwhile, Darla Miller is sitting outside painting the sun, when a portal suddenly opens on her canvas, and Pitt reaches out and grabs her arm. He comes flying out of the portal, screaming Timmy's name. He careens over the wall of her courtyard, where he lands on a police car. The police see him, and begin firing their guns at him. Inside the university, Rick meets with Timmy, who explains his story to him. Outside, Hulk walks through the woods, remembering Rick and their friendship, and he comes across a couple kissing on a picnic blanket, which bring back memories of Betty Ross. He walks away from the startled couple and out into the street, where a passing policeman sees the giant, mistaking him for Pitt, since the policemen in the area had been alerted about the creature after he had landed on the police car. The men stop their car and fire at him, and he easily wrecks their car, but spares them. Meanwhile, Rick tries to talk to Timmy about what it's like to be an orphan, but they're interrupted when Timmy's mother shows up. Meanwhile, Pitt fends off the attacking policemen, while the Hulk, who has been mistaken for Pitt, does the same with more arriving policemen. Rick tries to stop the woman from walking out with Timmy without identification or answers, but Timmy scornfully tells him that she's his mother, and that's that. Hulk breaks into one of the police cars after incapacitating the policemen, and he hears over the dispatch that Pitt is heading towards the orphanage, and he remembers that Rick is there. Realizing that he has to help his friend, the Hulk leaves, heading to the orphanage. Pitt, finishing off the policemen, also heads for the orphanage, plowing through the woods, focused on his only objective; retrieving Timmy.

Hulk gets there first, and runs into Timmy and his supposed mother, who are just leaving. Hulk says that there's a monster coming, but he is fixated on the woman, as she looks much like Betty Ross. Timmy concludes that the monster must be Pitt, and she asks Hulk to help them. He accepts, and takes off running into the woods, heading in Pitt's direction. The two goliaths barrel towards each other through the woods, and finally meet in a head-on collision. Before their fight can begin, Hulk warns Pitt to leave, or he'll hurt him, and Pitt taunts the Hulk to try it. They attack each other, and the battle begins. The force of their blows shakes the ground, so much that it moves Mrs. Riggs' office chair. Elsewhere, Rick stops the mysterious woman from leaving with Timmy, saying that this is way too weird and coincidental, as this Pitt thing shows up just as she comes to get Timmy. The earth suddenly moves under their feet due to Hulk and Pitt's fight, and Rick stumbles and hits his head on the concrete building wall, knocking him out. The woman tells Timmy that they need to leave, and that Rick can take care of himself. Meanwhile, in lieu of fighting, Hulk slams Pitt into the ground, explaining that he gave Pitt a chance to walk away, and that Pitt inhumane. Pitt retorts that Hulk talks about inhumanity, even though he's the one standing between him and Timmy, and that Timmy is the only thing in life that holds any meaning to him, as he and Timmy are bound to one another. He says that Hulk could never understand, and this angers Hulk, who understands all too well due to his relationship with his alter ego Bruce Banner, and he punches Pitt. Hulk remembers Betty, saying that Pitt understands nothing of him, his soul, his bonds, or the woman he loves. Pitt, uncaring about Hulk, kicks the jade giant off of himself, and then he wraps one of his chains around the Hulk's neck, spinning and throwing him out of the woods. He runs off, and begins pursuing the woman and Timmy's car, but the recovered Rick grabs hold of one of his chains as he runs. Pitt is suddenly slammed backward, and he narrowly misses Rick. He recovers and looks up at his attacker, the Hulk.

Pitt asks who Hulk is, but then follows up his staments, saying he doesn't care who he is. Hulk attacks him, agreeing that it doesn't matter who he is. He says that all that matters is that he beats Pitt. He hesitates before attacking again, but continues and punches Pitt into the air, and the monster lands on a football field nearby. Mrs. Riggs runs outside and looks up after the Hulk, who jumps away in pursuit of Pitt. She asks Rick if that's the Hulk, and Rick confirms this, saying that he is, and that there's no way to stop him or Pitt. Meanwhile, Pitt gets up and interrupts the football game. As players begin to clear the field, Hulk lands, and the two rush each other again. Pitt wallops him across the field, and jumps on him, exclaiming that this wasn't his business. Hulk jumps over him, saying that he decides his own business. Pitt begins pummeling the Hulk, stating that he made a bad decision by crossing him. Meanwhile, in the car, the illusion begins to wear off on the woman, and she turns back into her usual self, Darla Miller, who Timmy has been controlling. He angrily yells, asking himself why nothing can be normal for him, and that she should've stayed the way that he wanted. Meanwhile, Pitt, feeling what's going on, begins monologuing, saying that Timmy should see what he's doing, and that he can't bring mom back. Hulk takes this opportunity, and brings a hard elbow down on Pitt's back. While he's stunned, Hulk rips one of the goal posts out of the ground and beats him with it. Timmy's car crashes on a train track, and with Darla out cold in the driver's seat, Timmy begins to go unconscious, apologizing to Darla, saying that he wanted to make things how he wanted them. Rick catches up, and tries to pull open the door, but finds that it's jammed. He's alarmed when he looks up to see an oncoming train. Hulk yells at Pitt, saying that he warned him, and that Pitt should've backed off. He head-butts Hulk, and beats him with the goal post, screaming at him to stay down.

Leaving Hulk, Pitt arrives at the track and picks up the car, but Timmy falls out of the open window. The Hulk lands on the track in front of the boy, and he shields Timmy from the train, which smashes into his back. Pitt sees Hulk's act of heroism, and thanks him for saving Timmy. He goes to shake his hand, but Hulk, still not finished with their fight, tackles him, and they fly into the nearby Pittsdale History Museum. Their fight rages through the museum, and they land in the dinosaur exhibit, incessantly beaten on each other. Rick and Timmy catch up to them, and Rick pulls him away from the fight. Timmy explains that this is all his fault, and that he made Darla look like his mom, as well as the Hulk's mom, because he could. He says that that reality stinks, and that since he doesn't like it, he'll just have to find a new one. He uses his powers to create a whirlwind, and he and Pitt go into it, as it envelops them. Darla, Rick, and Timmy all go to different places, and Timmy arrives back at his grandfather's museum, and they happily walk off together. Darla, in another part of town, hails a cab and drives back to the orphanage. Rick, back at the orphanage, sits down and picks up one of the books that Timmy was reading. He begins reading, but becomes weirded out by the story. It's about two generals, Hlk and Pyt, who are at war, and they greatly resemble Hulk and Pitt. Rick puts the book down and walks out.


Publication Notes

  • Pitt is an Image Comics character who starred in his own series, and he was created by Dale Keown.

Continuity Notes

  • Though it isn't directly stated here, Pitt and Timmy are actually brothers.
  • Hulk remembers Rick Jones, and he remembers Rick's wedding with Marlo Chandler. This happened in Incredible Hulk #418.

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