Quote1.png You're making me angry......and there's not much room in this air-craft... Put away the popgun, sonny...before it's too late... Quote2.png
-- Banner

Appearing in "Six Hours Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Whitie Next Appearance of Whitie (First appearance)
  • Sid Next Appearance of Sid (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Pottsworth
  • Sammy the coral snake
  • Chip (Voice only)
  • Dozer (Voice only)


  • Canada
    • Quebec
      • Logan's cabin
      • Mammoth Mountain
    • Mistassini (Mentioned)
  • Hatchers' apartment
  • Airport


  • Logan's radio
  • Pistols


  • Logan's motor
  • Sid's car
  • Airplane (Crashed)

Synopsis for "Six Hours Part 1"

Wolverine has returned to his cabin in Quebec to enjoy some quiet time away from people.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Kyle Hatcher prepares for his chartered flight up north. The whole time he complains to his mother Christine about his stepfather Brad, and is upset that the maid was in to clean his room. At that moment, at an airport, Bruce Banner is trying to get out of the country. Standing at the ticket counter he overhears the man in front of him collecting a ticket to Mistassini in Quebec on a private charter. When Banner tries to book a seat on the same flight he learns that it is sold out. With the authorities on his heels, Banner slips into the bathroom behind the man who was in front of him in line and jumps him, stealing his airline ticket and clothes. Back at the Hatcher home, Kyle is furious that the maid went through his room. While feeding his snakes, he is bitten by one of them. He thinks nothing of it and puts a bandage on his hand. Elsewhere in the area, a drug dealer named Whitie tries to stiff the man buying his drugs by giving him 50 kilos of cocaine when they agreed upon 65. Whitie manages to out-draw the buyer and shoots him dead. He runs outside where his partner Sid is waiting in the car. He tells Sid to gun it, and that once they make their flight out to Mistassini, they're going to make it rich. Back at the Hatcher home, Kyle can't find his glasses and his mother finds them in his desk drawer. She tells him that they have to hurry or he'll miss his flight to Mistassini.

Later, at the airport, Bruce Banner boards the flight with the ticket he had stolen and meets the pilot, Margie White. At the same time, Wolverine is on a hike in the wilderness. Soon Kyle is dropped off and spends the flight on his cell phone reminding his mother to feed his snakes. Also on the flight are Whitie and Sid who are talking about their big score when they notice Kyle watching them and hush up. They notice that Kyle is sweating profusely and ask if he is sick. The becomes rapidly more ill prompting Bruce Banner to check on the boy. Seeing the bandage on his hand, he removes it and discovers an infected snake bite underneath. He quickly snatches up the boy's cell phone and redials the last number called. He reaches Kyle's mother Christine and learns that the boy has a snake collection at home. Through their conversation, they discover that while Kyle thought he was bitten by Sammy, his king snake, thanks to a combination of the maid moving his snake habitats around and Kyle not wearing his glasses, the boy was actually bitten by a coral snake, a similarly marked by venomous snake. With no anti-venom on the plane, and Kyle slipping into a coma, Bruce tells Margie that they need to divert the plane. However, Whitie has other ideas, pulling his gun he tells Margie to stay on her present course. Back on the ground, Brad and Christine learn that Kyle only has six hours to live unless he is given anti-venom and they wait for word on their son.

Meanwhile, in the Candian wilderness, Wolverine continues his hike, crossing paths with a cougar. Back on the plane, Banner continues to insist that they divert the flight but Whitie and Sid will do no such thing. Sending Margie back into the cockpit, Bruce once more insists that they redirect their flight. That's when Whitie pistol whips Banner. Beginning to lose his temper, Bruce warns them to put their guns away. However, Whitie isn't scared and tries to shoot Banner. However, this only triggers a transformation into the Hulk, whose massive frame compromises the integrity of the plane. With the cabin's rapid decompression the stolen drug money get sucked out as everyone scrambles to avoid getting sucked out as well. Margie tries to keep the plane steady but they begin to rapidly lose altitude. Back in the States, Kyle's parents wait for news and fear the worst. As the plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness, Wolverine is not far away. Unaware that a plane has crashed, get gets tired of listening to his radio, having come up to the woods to get away from people. He drops the device on the ground and continues on his way, just missing a news report about the plane crash in his area.

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