Quote1.png Protect me? Protect me from what, Hulk? The only thing I'm afraid of... the only thing that is hurting me... ...is you. Quote2.png
-- Betty Ross

Appearing in "E is for Elephant"


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  • First-aid box (Only in flashback)


  • Police car (Only in flashback)
  • Helicopter (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "E is for Elephant"

After Betty Ross was injured during his battle with Iron Man, the Hulk has carried her away to get help. He breaks into a nearby gas station and grabs the first aid kid. When the police arrive on the scene, he tells them to leave him alone and that nobody can keep him from Betty. He then leaps away, leaving the confused officers to try and make sense of what happened. The Hulk returns to the rock outcropping in the desert that the Hulk has used as a feeble bit of shelter from the elements. Awkwardly, the Hulk opens the first aid kit and bandages Betty's head, apologizing for hurting her in the battle. When Betty wakes up the first thing she sees is a sorrowful Hulk and she believes that she is having some kind of nightmare. The Hulk hands her the remains of the first aid kit, telling her it is to fix her head. Betty still refuses to believe that this is happening. However, the Hulk insists that he is real. There is a moment of silence between the two of them. Betty, brimming with fear and anger, while the Hulk with sadness and remorse. Eventually, Betty reaches out for the medical supplies.

Examining what he has, Betty tells the Hulk that most of this is useless to her injuries. The Hulk explains that he was only trying to help because she got hurt. Reminding the gamma-spawned brute that it was his fault she was hurt she grows angry and vows that she didn't care if he didn't mean to hurt her, she will not allow herself to be destroyed by the Hulk. The Hulk stands up and tells her not to yell because it makes him mad. Fearful, Betty changes her tone and asks the Hulk if he brought a mirror. There is one on the first aid kit, which she uses to help redress her wound, thinking at least the Hulk isn't a complete idiot. Later, Betty complains about being cold and begs the Hulk to take her back home, telling him that people wil leave him alone if he does. The Hulk rages and then leaps off, he comes back later with a burning branch and some firewood. Even as he starts a fire, Betty continues to plead to the Hulk to let her go. When Betty thinks she is going to die out in the desert, the Hulk assures her that nothing will hurt her. She tries to get him to understand that she doesn't want to be here and then begins to wonder if she would be better off dead. These words cut deeply, hurting the Hulk's feelings.

After another moment of silence, the Hulk asks why Betty is sad and she realizes that he just doesn't understand the situation. She asks the Hulk what he wants from her and when the Hulk says he is going to protect her, she says the only think she is afraid of is him. The Hulk tries to tell her that she needs him, but they are interrupted by the arrival of her father, General Ross, who approaches the area in a military helicopter, ready to end it all for the Hulk.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Fresh from a battle with IRON MAN, the Army is still hot on the Hulk’s trail.

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