Quote1.png If I hung around I'd be putting you in danger. We both know that. So yeah, I should go. Quote2.png
-- Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Nightmerica Part Five"

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Synopsis for "Nightmerica Part Five"

While trying to recover the Nightmerican known as Mrs. Gray, the Hulk was seriously wounded by Stealth, a Nightmerican working for the Wright-Armstrong Corporation, who created and is seeking to reclaim their experiments. Thinking that his ally Chrissie Cutler has been using him, the Hulk threatens to smash her. As the situation becomes more heated, Mrs. Gray begins to sing, which causes the TV containing Deadbird and Manifest Destiny to start moving toward their location. Even with the arrival of Manifest Destiny and Deadbird, the Hulk refuses to stand down and refuses to go anywhere with what he calls freaks. He tells them that he only wants to take Chrissie and go. While the Hulk is distracted, Mrs. Gray uses her powers to heal the Hulk's wounds and the beast suddenly feels tired and passes out. This triggers a reversion back into Bruce Banner. When Banner wakes up the next morning he dimly remembers what happened and takes a shower to wash the dried blood off his body.

When Bruce checks in with the others they are almost at their final destination, Intergalactic's sanctuary. He learns that Deadbird has been talking about the morphogenic field with Intergalactic and both feel it could be used to cure Bruce of becoming the Hulk, although Banner isn't ready to buy it. Bruce learns that they are actually going to the Nightmerican's old base, the last place the Wright-Armstrong Corporation would think to look for them. Suddenly, Deadbird's beak falls off as his body continues to degenerate, adding a sense of urgency to get to their destination at least to cure him. They are delayed because the axel on the RV keeps on breaking, forcing them to stop so Mrs. Gray can use her powers to temporarily repair it. However, eventually it is beyond repair and with only a mile left to go, the group is forced to walk the rest of the way.

They soon arrive at the Nightmerica facility, but Deadbird's situation is becoming more dire. Thanks to Manifest Destiny melting through the fences, they manage to get into the facility and down into the secret lab where Intergalactic has already set up the morphogenic field generator to heal Deadbird. With Deadbird restored to full health, Manifest Destiny takes Bruce to his old room and he is delighted to see that all of his Captain America memorabilia is still there. Even though they are apparently safe for the moment, Bruce still asks if they can trust Intergalactic. Chrissie insists that he is trustworthy and is like an uncle to her. With their mission over, Bruce decides that he is a danger to them if he remains and tells Chrissie that he plans on leaving soon. However, members of Wright-Armstrong, including their owner Mohamed Simensky, arrive on the site. Inside, Banner relents and decides to allow Deadbird and Intergalactic try to use the morphogenic field generator to try and cure him. As soon as they activate the device, Mohamed orders his men to move in. However, before they storm the facility, they are joined by Stealth who doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The finest minds in the world have tried and failed to cure Bruce Banner of the awful curse of the Hulk.
  • But, perhaps, at long last, in the depths of the Nightmerica Compound, that long sought cure may have finally been found.
  • But is it simply an act of pure benevolence, or is there a hidden agenda behind it all?

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