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Synopsis for "Nightmerica Conclusion"

With the Nighmericans reunited at their old facility, Chrissie Cutler and her extended family celebrate with a meal consisting of ancient TV dinners. However, they are unaware that a crack team of soldiers under the employ of the Wright-Anderson Corporation are surrounding the area to reclaim them for the company. In the middle of the celebrations, Bruce Banner has slipped away and stumbled upon the raid and climbs into the vehicle owned by Mohammed Seminsky and demands his assistant Ken provide some answers. At that moment, the Nightmericans find themselves surrounded by soldiers. They are confronted by Mohamad Seminsky who tells the Nightmericans that he only wishes to talk. That's when Bruce arrives with Ken at gunpoint. Simensky welcomes Banner and gets close enough to him to punch him in the face, knowing he had been cured of the Hulk and won't actually shoot anybody. Confirming that Banner won't turn into the Hulk, Simensky congratulates Intergalactic, thanking him for working to lure his "family" back together. Interstellar explains that he did so because plugged into the internet he is flooded with stories of violence and war in the outside world, and that they were created to protect the world from such dangers.

Soon they are all sequestered and members of Wright-Anderson begins bringing in new equipment, including the graves of dead members of Nightmerica, which Mohamed hopes they can learn from. Meanwhile, Bruce and Chrissie try to find out what is really going on. Snooping around, Chrissie runs into Stealth, who is actually her sister. Chrissie begs her to go into therapy again to get her homicidal rages in check. However, Stealth refuses, telling her that the death of the state troopers earlier was a slip. Chrissie decides to believe her, for now, but warns her to tell Mohamed what happened or she will. Mohamed explains that he wants to use the Nighmericans to help combat terrorism across the globe without massive casualties of innocent people. Banner then asks his opinion about Stealth killing the two state troopers. Mohammed can't believe this at first, then he explains that is why he wishes that Banner stay on board, with his experiences as the Hulk he can guide the Nightmericans to prevent such a thing from happening again. As Simensky explains that the project will move on with or without Banner, Stealth prepares to kill them all. However, she is caught by Deadbird who tries to stop her but is killed for his attempt.

Stealth then goes on a rampage, attacking everyone, stabbing Ken, and the soldiers. The Nightmericans try to stop her, but she easily incapacitates them all. Intergalactic tells Chrissie to destroy the morphogenic stabilizer device as it is what's keeping Bruce from turning into the Hulk. When Stealth stabs her blades through Bruce's chest, Chrissie smashes the machine. Banner's sudden transformation into the Hulk saves his life and he pulls Stealth off of him. Chrissie orders Stealth to stop and suddenly she beings to glow, shedding her outer skin to reveal a metallic winged body underneath. However, she is too late to stop the Hulk, who rips off Stealth's arms and smashes her helmet, revealing a tiny being inside. The Hulk is confused, and Chrissie explains that Stealth is her sister and they were both born strange and this was their parents attempts to fix them. Furious, the Hulk believes he has been deceived and trashes the facility, knocking Chrissie and Mohamad aside before leaping away in disgust.

With the Nightmericans recovering from the battle, Mohamad finds Ken dying and realizes he made a terrible mistake, while Chrissie can't bare anyone to look at her. Elsewhere, Bruce Banner wakes up in the desert. Dimly remembering what happened he pulls the pictures he and Chrissie took in a photoboth and leaves them pinned between a pair of rocks. However, as he walks away, he has second thoughts and takes the photos back, deciding to keep them as a memory of a happier time.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Revelations abound as the terrible genetic secrets of the Nightmerica experiments are finally revealed!
  • And you won't believe the pivotal role the RAMPAGING HULK plays in the finale.

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