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Rick Jones and the Hulk are separated

On Earth-7812, Rick Jones was bombarded by Gamma Rays during a Gamma bomb test, causing him to transform into the Hulk. Scientist Bruce Banner worked to try and find a cure for Rick. Initially Rick became the Hulk at night, however a blast from a newly invented Gamma ray device seemingly cured Rick of his affliction. However, the manipulations of Loki would see the Hulk return. The Hulk helped form the Avengers but eventually expelled from their ranks. Banner then once more seemingly cured Rick. The Hulk reared its head again during a short-lived partnership with Captain America. Rick was temporarily cured once more by the Supreme Intelligence when he awakened the Destiny Force in the boy. However, trapped in the Negative Zone alone against Annihilus during a time when Captain Marvel was knocked out cold, Rick became the Hulk again. Bruce Banner and Mr. Fantastic fired the gamma device into the Negative Zone to attempt to cure Rick again. This time however it separated Rick from the Hulk. As Rick was pulled back to the positive matter universe, the Hulk killed Annihilus in battle. Being heralded as a hero in the Negative Zone, the Hulk would live on finding peace in that realm.[1]

His current activities are unknown.



Seemingly those of Hulk of Earth-616.

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