This "Hulk" is a Skrull posing as the Hulk and a member of the Skrull Avengers. He has the same powers and abilities of the real Hulk.

He was with the other Skrull Avengers staging a fake rescue to fool Captain America but when Cap easily found out of the ruse after Skrull Iron Man was knocked out, he tried to apprehend Cap but got punched hard on the ground before his true form showed up.

After their failure, he was with the full team of Skrull Avengers sent to Earth on a mission to infiltrate Wakanda and steal the Vibranium. He was among the Skrull Avengers listening to Skrull Iron Man's fake story to Ms. Marvel.

During a fight against Black Panther and his Wakandan forces, he had smashed all Wakandan armored vehicles and defense turrets before Skrull Thor and Black Panther were exposed after being knocked out.

In Skrull Iron Man's orders to destroy all those who stand in their way, he was among them charging at the real Avengers. He attempted to pummel Ms. Marvel but she fought back by punching him really hard which sent him flying.

After the battle, his body was among those Skrull Avengers' piled up.


Seemingly those of Hulk in a lesser way.


Skrull ship

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