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Synopsis for "The Black Knight"

The Knight inherits a jewel containing great power from the dead dragon, but it almost corrupts him and he regains his sanity only when Valinor kicks him. He vows to try to control the dragon power when the time comes to use it.

Appearing in "Ant Man!"

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Synopsis for "Ant Man!"

A crooked businessman trying to rob his own company lures Ant Man into a deadly trap inside a locked vault about to be flooded with gas.


  • A UK originated Ant Man story begins in this issue. It's unclear when it is set; the retro style and use of shrinking gas suggests that it's early in Pym's career (before he met the Wasp), but his costume (gloves and boots) are slightly modified from the originals by artist Steve Dillon (here, he has wide topped gloves and buccaneer boots; originally, both gloves and boots were skintight).
  • Also contains reprints of the Hulk, the Beast, the Defenders and the Silver Surfer.

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