The Hulk Robot was an artificial simulacrum of the incredible Hulk. Constructed by the scientists at Gamma Base, the first Hulk robot was actually just a non-functioning facsimile of the Hulk used to test the effective value of General Ross' "Iceberg Rocket".[1]

A later model operated via a remote harness system worn by an individual from a safe location. During a period when Bruce Banner was cured of his gamma-radiated condition, he donned the harness and used it to battle the Leader, who had taken control of Gamma Base and all of its personnel. The robot fought the Leader's Murder Module, but was ultimately destroyed. When the robot was destroyed, an electrical charge was channeled back into the harness, and the resulting feedback nearly killed Banner.[2]

Another version of the military's Hulk robot came into the possession of stage magician Kropotkin the Great during one of his frequent visits to Gamma Base. Though it has been years since Kropotkin has had any dealings with either the Hulk or the former residents of Gamma Base, he still owns the robot. [3]

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