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Quote1.png Funny thing though... I figured this time he'd be a pretty low number on the humanity scale. But, as it turns out... was just the opposite. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Filth and the Fury"

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Synopsis for "The Filth and the Fury"

After being brought aboard an alien spaceship, the Hulk breaks free not wishing to be tested on by the aliens. At that same moment, the Avengers are in a meeting with Henry Gyrich their liaison with the NSA. Gyrich is upset that the Avengers have not moved on implementing the team that he has selected. Gyrich gets angry when he learns that the Falcon is missing, complaining about the paperwork involved. Iron Man explains that their line of work is unpredictable and cannot be run like a government organization. Captain America is unconcerned with paperwork or protocol as he just wants to find his friend and leaves to go looking for the Falcon. When the other Avengers walk out of the meeting Henry warns that this is exactly the type of thing that led to the Avengers losing their security status, to begin with.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch and the Vision are walking through the garden behind Avengers Mansion. They discuss Wanda's reunion with her adopted father Django Maximoff and her upcoming trip to Transia to learn the truth. The Vision tells her that her quest for the truth is important and gives her his full support. Meanwhile, in the town of Cedarville, California, the Hulk lands in the middle of town, causing the people to flee. News quickly gets to Henry Gyrich when he gets a call from Senator Andrew Hawk who demands that Gyrich get the Avengers to contain the Hulk because it will assist in his investigation on the spending at Gama Base. As the Hulk trounces the local police, Gyrich decides to deploy the Avengers even though they are understaffed to give them some comeuppance. He tells the Avengers of the situation, and even though they are understaffed, Iron Man tells them that there is no time to call in reinforcements.

By the time the Avengers arrive, the military has pulled out so they can fight the Hulk alone. Frist the Vision tires to get the Hulk to calm down, but the brute attacks him nonetheless. That's when the rest of the Avengers lash into him, although the Wasp and Beast's attacks are ineffectual. Iron Man then steps in but his blows are not enough to fell the Hulk. More furious than ever before, the Hulk rips a tree out of the ground and smashes it against the Vision. While back at Avengers Mansion, Gyrich tries to get Jarvis to work the monitor for him, but he tells him he no longer has the clearance to do so. Suddenly, the lights go out and he is jumped by Hawkeye. He warns Gyrich that he knows what he is up to, and threatens to start asking about which US Senator he has been conspiring with if the Avengers fail to defeat the Hulk. While back in California the battle rages on. However, the Wasp decides that fighting is doing them no good and resumes normal size and manages to convince the Hulk to stop fighting. They then try to convince the Hulk that they are his friend, but the gamma-spawned titan doesn't want to listen. The Hulk has grown tired of fighting and walks away, and Iron Man suggests that they give him space.

When they return to Avengers Mansion they are congratulated for ending the conflict peacefully by Henry Gyrich. With the Avengers willing to get back down to business, Gyrich is satisfied even though the Hulk got away. Beast can't help but remark that he used to consider the Hulk being very low on the scale of humanity, but he has since been proven wrong.

Solicit Synopsis

• Hulk vs. the ‘70s-era Avengers: Iron Man, Wasp, Vision and the Beast!


Continuity Notes

  • This story takes place prior to the events of Avengers #181 when Henry Gyrich forces the Avengers to reduce their numbers. However, the Avengers talk about the Falcon being made a member, Wonder Man being forced to leave the team, and the Scarlet Witch's "family problems" actually places this story to happening just after Avengers #182. This story also happens after the events of Incredible Hulk #230.
  • Iron Man mentions Ms. Marvel wanting to join the Avengers, this officially happens in Avengers #183.
  • Gyrich mentions how the Avengers had lost their security status. That happened in Avengers #172.
  • Senator Andrew Hawk mentions his investigation of Gamma Base spending. This is explored further in Incredible Hulk #231234.

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