Quote1 We all make mistakes...'s what makes us human. Quote2
-- Iron Man

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Synopsis for "What Smashes in Vegas"

Joe Fixit is interrupted from an evening with some ladies by one of Michael Berengetti's men who tells the Hulk that he is needed for a job. Meanwhile, the West Coast branch of the Avengers is heading toward Las Vegas to investigate reports of a turf war between mobs in the area. Iron Man is particularly interested in a new enforcer who has been working for one of the mobs. Suddenly, their Quinjet is struck by bullets. Looking out the window they see Joe Fixit firing at them with two tommy guns. He tells them to get out of his town. When the Quinjet crashes, the Avengers emerge from the downed craft and attack Fixit, unaware that he is really the Hulk.

They begin attacking Joe, who manages to hold his own until he is attacked simultaneously by Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Iron Man. However, he survives the attack and knocks Iron Man away and slams his fists into the ground destabilizing everyone except for Wonder Man. Joe Fixit leaps over to the Luxor Casino and rips the massive pyramid out of the ground and tosses it at the Avengers. Wonder Man rushes to catch it, saving the lives of his teammates. Wonder Man tosses it away and then lashes out at Fixit. When he calls Joe the Hulk, Fixit denies it and punches him away, saying that he is the strongest there is. Having had enough, Iron Man flies at Joe, saying he wants to talk. Fixit decides to oblige him, grabbing Iron Man and leaping away. Out n the desert, Iron Man states that he sees right through the ruse and knows they are dealing with the Hulk. Fixit explains that he is finally happy for the first time and that the Hulk and Bruce Banner are no more. He assures Stark that he has a handle on the situation, and he won't harm anyone that doesn't deserve it. He then leaps away, leaving Iron Man to think over this situation. Back in Vagas, the rest of the Avengers decide if they should resume their attack when Iron Man returns. He tells them that Joe Fixit is not the Hulk and their mission was a risk assessment and he is certain Fixit won't be a problem. When Hawkeye protests this, as Fixit tried to kill them, Iron Man says it was a mistake and they are only human. With that, the West Coast Avengers depart from Las Vagas, leaving the Hulk to his destiny.

Solicit Synopsis

• Mr. Fixit Hulk vs. the ‘90s-era West Coast Avengers: Iron Man, Wonder Man, Mockingbird, Tigra and Hawkeye!


Continuity Notes

  • Hawkeye mentions how he and Mockingbird got married. That happened in Hawkeye #1.

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