Quote1.png But--what can that be, Iron Man? How many times, how many different teams of Avengers have faced the Hulk in the past? And how many times have we failed to hold him, cure him? Quote2.png
-- Scarlet Witch

Appearing in "Heart of Darkness, Soul of Fire"

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  • Mayor (Mentioned)
  • Jeanna
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  • Clem
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Synopsis for "Heart of Darkness, Soul of Fire"

In a secret complex a man has his diminutive minions put a special technological suit that will allow him to take control of the Hulk. He then makes the Hulk go on a rampage across the town of Faulkner. This rampage comes to an end when the Hulk trashes the Tolliver farm. When this man tries to force the Hulk to harm Sheriff Jonas Tolliver and his daughter Emma, Bruce Banner fights back. Ultimately, this triggers a reversion back into his human form. To Sheriff Tolliver, this revelation comes as a shock because he had given "Bruce Roberts" a place to stay since the Hulk's earlier attack on the town while he helped with the relief effort. He is horrified that he gave lodging to Bruce Banner and put his daughter at risk. Much to their shock, Banner has no idea how he got to be there. Tolliver has Bruce locked up in the town jail and calls the mayor who is going to call the governor who will send someone, hopefully, the Avengers, to deal with Bruce. Bruce doesn't think that will do any good because so long as he remains alive he can turn into the Hulk at any time. Jonas asks Banner why he couldn't control the Hulk this time, but Bruce admits he doesn't know why but this time it feels like he has no control over the Hulk.

Their discussion is interrupted when Emma and her babysitter come to the jail so Emma can see how Bruce is doing. Bruce tells Emma that it's not safe for her to see him. Assured that Bruce is okay, and with Jonas' partner back from a meeting with FEMA, Tolliver decides to take his daughter out for a hotdog. At the diner, some of the locals get him to confirm that he has Bruce Banner as prisoner and express their concerns about him being there. Jonas explains there is not much he can do before someone comes to collect him.

Meanwhile, in New York City, the Avengers receive the news about the Hulk and are asked by the Secretary of Defense to do something about it. Iron Man, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch discuss how they have failed to contain the Hulk in the past and wonder what they can do next. Suddenly, Wonder Man bursts into the room and tells them to turn on the television. When they do, they are horrified to hear a report about how the Hulk has attacked a commercial jet liner, killing over 300 people in the process. At that moment deep below the Earth, Tyrannus watches the footage of the Hulk's apparent attack on the commercial jet. He gloats over this victory before the chained form of Bruce Banner. Banner warns Tyrannus that the Hulk will destroy them all. However, Tyrannus believes his thousands of years of experience and total control of the Hulk will assure him final victory.


Continuity Notes

  • The first part of this story happens concurrently with the end of last issue. How Tyrannus managed to capture Bruce Banner is revealed next issue.
  • The creature destroying the plane in this story is actually one of the Tyrannoids under the command of Tyrannus who had the Hulk's powers transferred to him, as revealed next issue as well.

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