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Quote1.png You lunatic! All those people! In all these years, the Hulk has never killed anyone. Now... Quote2.png
Bruce Banner

Appearing in "Turbulence"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Man-Thing Man-Thing Next Appearance of Man-Thing (Cameo)
  • Betty Ross Next Appearance of Betty Ross (First appearance)
  • Reporter Cindy Adams (Only appearance)[1]
  • Captain Allen (Only appearance)[1]
  • Miller (Mentioned)
  • Andrew (Only appearance)[1]
  • "Zeke" Ezekiel (Only appearance)[1]
  • Emma Tolliver (Mentioned)


Races and Species:


  • Mental-control device


  • Transcontinental flight 1701
  • Fire trucks
  • Police cars
  • Ambulance
  • Sheriff's truck

Synopsis for "Turbulence"

At 2 am Central Standard Time, transcontinental flight 1701 bound to Los Angeles from Philadelphia is attacked mid-air by what appears to be the Hulk. The rampaging creature causes the plane to crash killing all the passengers and crew. The resulting explosion sets off gas mains that causes even more death and destruction to the town of Mulberry. As emergency crews arrive to put out the flames and search for survivors, the media arrives and begins asking questions as to the cause. The authorities cannot say with any certainty, however, the questions are all rendered moot when a creature that appears to be the Hulk comes tearing out of the rubble of the downed commercial jetliner. There is a tense moment when everyone stands frozen waiting to see what this behemoth will do, when it suddenly leaps away.

Not far away in the town of Faulkner, Sheriff Jonas Toliver takes a break from the relief efforts happening in his hometown after the Hulk wrecked it. That's when he sees a news report about the crashed jetliner and reports that the Hulk was responsible. Jonas rushes to his car and races back to the police station. There he finds the place in shambles and his deputy knocked out. When he revives his colleague the two check Banner's cell and a hole in the ground. Upon closer examination, the pair notice that Bruce Banner didn't dig his way down, something dug up from down below, leaving more unanswered questions than ever before.

Deep below the surface of the Earth in his secret laboratory, Tyrannus gloats over his success over blaming the Hulk for the plane crash. His Tyrannoids inform their master that the beast is returning and he orders it locked up. Bruce Banner wants to know how and why Tyrannus is doing this. He explains that during his recent tunneling through Subterranea when they came across a secret chamber with the technology that allowed him to take control of the mind of others. Deciding to use this to his own ends, he had his Tyrannoids repurpose the machine to facilitate of his revenge scheme against the Hulk. It was Tyrannus who was responsible for the Hulk's recent rampages. When Banner points out how he has begun to resist him, Tyrannus becomes furious and is about to kill Banner, but stops himself, wanting Bruce to eventually take his own life.

Suddenly, a Hulk-like creature comes smashing into the lab and Tyrannus orders his minions to shut off the connection. As they do so, the "Hulk" suddenly changes back into a Tyrannoid while Banner begins to turn into the Hulk. Before they can contain him, the Hulk breaks free and approaches his captor. When the Tyrannoids try to stop the Hulk, he tosses them away. When Tyrannus demands that the Hulk cease his acts of destruction, the Hulk gets fed up and leaps up through the ceiling and digs his way to freedom, much to the frustration of Tyrannus.

Meanwhile, in the Florida Everglades, the Man-Thing detects the presence of something in his swamp and goes to investigate. He comes across a primitive village populated by people. Among them is a woman who claims to be Betty Ross, back from the dead. The people watch with delight as Betty summons animals forth from the forest to bask in her renewed life.

Solicit Synopsis

  • As a familiar foe makes a dramatic return into BRUCE BANNER's life , the HULK rages further and further out of control until he snaps past the breaking point and does something so horrific, so indefensible that we can't even mention it here!


Continuity Notes

  • The beginning of this story occurs concurrently with the end of last issue.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affect the chronology of the following characters:

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