Quote1.png And that we Avengers must now do what we have long dreaded... ...and join our power in battle against the Hulk... ...and, if we must, destroy him! Quote2.png
-- Iron Man

Appearing in "Yes, I Saw the Hulk!"

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  • Jenkins' truck
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Synopsis for "Yes, I Saw the Hulk!"

The Avengers have come to the town of Faulkner to question the townspeople about the recent sighting of the Hulk in the area.

The first person they question is a high school student named Maryjo Patterson. She explains how she and her classmates were on their way to class when suddenly the Hulk landed from in front of him. In a rage, the Hulk smashed the school and leaped away. Finding one of their teachers trapped under the rubble they ran to get help. They stopped Charlie Jenkins who happened to be driving by. Having had his own encounter with the Hulk, he was afraid something like this would happen and agrees to help. However, as Charlie begins synching some of the debris to his truck to haul away, a gas main catches fire. With the teacher in even more danger than before, they are relieved when a fire engine pulls up. Firefighter Tom Miller has his crew douse him with water while he goes into the raging inferno to save the teacher. Things look grim when part of the school house collapses, but much to their surprise Miller makes it out alive with the teacher in his arms.

When they interview Tom Miller, he tells them about earlier that day when he and his fellow firefighters were awoken by an early morning fire alarm. They rushed to the scene of a massive fire. The blaze was caused by the Hulk who was rampaging in the area. The creature knocks one of the fire trucks over. With one of their fellow firemen trapped inside, Tom and the other members of his crew try to force the Hulk away with a fire hose. The Hulk grabs the hose, causing enough pressure build up for the hydrant to explode. The recoil from the hose whips the Hulk's in the fact, startling him enough to leap away. After Tom and his crew rescued all the victims of the fire, he learned from a news crew about the Hulk's attack on the school and rushed over there to see what he could do.

Lastly, they talk to Charlie Jenkins, who tells how he was driving home around 3 am that morning when he almost ran a man over the middle of the street. Unaware that this man is Bruce Banner, Charlie offers the man dazed man a ride back into town. However, Banner remained quiet the whole ride. Suddenly, Bruce smiled as though he was in on a huge joke and suddenly grabbed the wheel of Charlie's truck in an attempt to force them both off the road.

When Charlie bailed out, Banner stops the truck and as he emerges, transforms into the Hulk. Realizing who he has been driving, Charlie froze dead in his tracks. The Hulk then picked him up, tossed him around and after determining that Charlie wasn't a threat, tossed him into a bush before leaping away. Fearing that the Hulk could harm others, he sped into town and arrived just in time to see the Hulk leap toward the school house.

After hearing these accounts, it convinces Iron Man, the Scarlet Witch, and the Vision that the Hulk has gone insane and that they must destroy him before he can harm anyone else.

Solicit Synopsis

With blood on his hands, THE HULK is out of control and more dangerous than he's ever been before!


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