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Quote1 Why do you hate me so much? You sound like the Hulk in the past. Blaming Banner for keeping him 'locked away.' Is that who you are? Some other aspect of my personality? Like the Grey Hulk? Or is it worse than that? ARE YOU THE HULK'S HULK?! Quote2

Appearing in "Trapped In a World They Never Made"

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Synopsis for "Trapped In a World They Never Made"

The Hulk has gathered his fellow Defenders, Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, and Sub-Mariner from different points in the past in order to participate in a contest between the Grandmaster and the Collector. The Collector has gathered champions of his own called the Offenders which consist of the modern day Red Hulk, Tiger Shark, Terrax, and Baron Mordo. Each combatant is sent to a different location in time and space to fight an evenly-matched opponent with the Grandmaster and Collector watching from their vantage point in Death Valley.

The two Hulks are transported to Atlantis where the Red Hulk tries to beat the Hulk senseless. With the mind of Bruce Banner in control, the Hulk tries to convince his opponent to not fight for something as petty as revenge, explaining that he and his allies were at least getting involved in the contest to win back the loved ones they lost. However, despite Banner's attempts to talk sense into the Red Hulk, the villain refuses to listen thinking Banner is just as much of a threat as the Hulk. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer and Terrax are forced to fight it out in the Microverse. Realizing that he is fighting a Silver Surfer from the past, Terrax intends to kill his opponent in the hopes that he will be made a Herald of Galactus years earlier than he had. While in the Dark Dimension, the Sub-Mariner battles Tiger Shark. His opponent is from a future that is years ahead of the times Namor has fought him in the past. He is unprepared for the additional genetic enhancements and Adamantium teeth Tiger Shark has been equipped with in the years since. Easily evading the Sub-Mariner's attacks, Tiger Shark gets in close enough to sink his teeth into Namor's neck. Finally, in Zenn-La, Doctor Strange engages in mystical battle against Baron Mordo.

Back in Atlantis, the battle between the Hulks takes them into the royal throne room of Atlantis. There, the Hulk demands to know who his red counterpart is, but the Red Hulk refuses to reveal it. This is all a distraction so Hulk can grab hold of Namor's trident and chins the Red Hulk. With his foe stunned, the Hulk pins the Red Hulk to the ground and tells him that the Defenders and Offenders need to work together to stop the Grandmaster and the Collector. From their vantage point, the Grandmaster complains about how their combatants are equally matched. When the Collector suggests adding a new element to the battles, the Grandmaster refuses to change the rules of the game. However, a new element does end up presents itself in each of the battles, regardless. on Zenn-La, Galactus grows impatient and stuns the two mystics. He warns them to bring back the Silver Surfer immediately or he will consume Zenn-La and then find their world and consume it as well. In the Dark Dimension, the Sub-Mariner and Tiger Shark's battle is interrupted by Dormammu who demands that the two take them back to Earth through the way they came. In the Microverse, Terrax and the Silver Surfer are bombarded with fear projected by the Psycho-Man who demands that they lead him to Earth as well. Finally, in the Atlantean throne room, the Red Hulk manages to wrest the Trident of Neptune from the Hulk and uses it to impale his foe, seemingly killing him.

Appearing in "Hulk Mama"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Mama"

The Green, Red, and Blue Hulk pay a visit to Green Hulk's Mama Hulk


Continuity Notes[]

  • The Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, and Doctor Strange were taken from different points in the past from Silver Surfer #1, Sub-Mariner #37 and Doctor Strange #183 respectively. The Zenn-La, Atlantis, and Dark Dimension seen in this story are from those points in the history. While in the Microvese happens around Incredible Hulk #140 the time that the Hulk first met Jarella. The scene in Zenn-La happens back in 1947 (Silver Surfer (Vol. 3) #130 identifies that as the year Norrin Radd was turned into the Silver Surfer), the rest of these other time periods all take place during the Modern Age. Per the Sliding Timescale the present day portions of this story take place in "Year 12", the Dark Dimension scene takes place during "Year 2", while the Atlantis and Microverse scene takes place months apart from each other during "Year 3".
  • The Hulk explains that he is participating in this contest so he can bring Jarella back to life. She died in Incredible Hulk #205.
  • Terrax states that he became a Herald of Galactus years after the Silver Surfer betrayed Galactus. The Surfer betrayed Galactus in Fantastic Four #50. Years later Terrax was made a Herald of Galactus in Fantastic Four #211. Per the Sliding Timescale, Terrax became a Herald five years after the Surfer betrayed Galactus.
  • Tiger Shark mentions how he had been genetically enhanced, that happened in Thunderbolts #3. His Adamantium teeth are a new addition that happened prior to this story.
  • The reason for Doctor Strange to be wearing a mask is questioned in this story. He started wearing this mask in Doctor Strange #177 to protect his identity. He ceased wearing this mask in Marvel Feature #1.
  • The Hulk questions if the Red Hulk is another aspect of his personality like the grey Hulk. The Grey Hulk is another aspect of Bruce Banner's personality, as explained in Incredible Hulk #377. The grey Hulk first appeared in Incredible Hulk #1 and has reappeared intermittently over the years. The true identity of the Red Hulk is finally revealed in Hulk (Vol. 2) #23.

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