Quote1.png X-Force -- kill whoever you want. But Big Red is mine. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine

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Synopsis for "Eyewitness"

Watching through the scope of her sniper rifle, Domino watches as Doc Samson meets with someone outside of a barbershop. The exchange is heated and all parties part ways. Domino decides to follow the man Samson met with, even though it made her feel uneasy. She then witnesses as the mystery man suddenly transforms into the Red Hulk. Her shock is heard by the Red Hulk who notices her. Thinking she saw his true identity he leaps up after her and demands to know who sent her. Fleeing Domino tells him that she didn't see who he was because it was too dark in the alley. This isn't sufficient enough for the Red Hulk who tosses a water tower at her. This disorients Domino briefly, but when the Hulk leaps after her, her luck powers causes the Red Hulk to fall through the building which then collapses, allowing Domino to get away.

The Red Hulk later meets with Doc Samson and General Ross to discuss the situation. Needing to clamp down on the situation, the two men have informed the Red Hulk that they have assembled a team together to help him track down Domino and silence her. The Red Hulk is given 24 hours to rectify the situation, but he has to gather the members of his team offering them deals they won't be able to refuse. The first on the list is the mercenary for hire known as Deadpool. The Red Hulk comes crashing into his home as the so-called Merc With a Mouth is busy battling against an army of Deadpool LMDs. The Red Hulk helps smash these LMDs and offers Deadpool a million dollars to work with him for a day. Next, the Red Hulk seeks out the Punisher, finding the vigilante as he is eliminating members of a Russian mob. Initially, the Punisher tries to kill the Red Hulk, but his weapons have no effect on him. When Red Hulk asks the Punisher to work for him, the vigilante refuses until Red Hulk offers to give him a list of every criminal under the Witness Protection Program. Soon the Red Hulk has finished gathering his team which also includes the Crimson Dynamo, Thundra, and Elektra. When the Hulk tells them that they have 19 hours to find Domino, Elektra informs him that it won't be necessary because she has found their target.

They find Domino drinking at Flatiron Joe's bar in Hell's Kitchen. When they confront her, Domino is impressed that the Red Hulk brought friends, but then shows that she has done so as well. From various parts of the bar come members of Domino's team, X-Force, which include Wolverine, Archangel, Warpath, and X-23. Wolverine tells his teammates that they can kill whoever they want, but the Red Hulk is his.

Appearing in "Hulk Gym"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Gym"

The Green, Red and Blue Hulk go to the gym, where the Thing makes the Green Hulk run a treadmill.

Solicit Synopsis

It's CODE RED VS. X-FORCE. Who is Code Red? How about Red Hulk. Deadpool. The Punisher. Elektra. Thundra. The Crimson Dynamo. What terrible secret could bring this group together -- only to run headlong into the deadliest team of X-Men? All this -- and wait until you see RED HULK VS. WOLVERINE! Superstar scribe Jeph Loeb is joined by art team Ian Churchill and Mark Farmer as the epic saga of the Red Hulk continues!


Continuity Notes

  • The true identity of the Red Hulk is ultimately revealed in Hulk Vol 2 #23. The man who appears to be Thaddeus Ross in this story is actually a LMD. Also revealed in that issue.
  • Mention is made of how the Punisher's family were murdered. This was first depicted in Marvel Preview #2.

Publication Notes

  • Code Red isn't named in the story itself, but is given in the solicited synopsis for the issue.

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