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Quote1.png You of all people, Logan, ought to know it ain't over until the fat lady sings. And I have been trying to keep my girlish figure. Quote2.png
Red She-Hulk

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Synopsis for "Collision"

With his true identity possibly compromised, the Red Hulk has formed Code Red to try and capture the woman who saw him transform, the mercenary known as Domino. However, when they confront her at a bar in Hell's Kitchen, they discover that she has called in her teammates in X-Force. When they refuse to hand Domino over, Wolverine leaps at the Red Hulk, pushing him out of the bar. The two begin fighting it out, with Wolverine drawing blood. Wolverine asks what they want with Domino. When the Red Hulk questions if she told Wolverine or not, he tells the Hulk that he isn't the kind of guy who ask questions he already knows the answer to. The two continue fighting it out when Wolverine manages to slash the Hulk's eyes. The Red Hulk tosses Wolverine far away and then realizes that he is blind.

Back inside the bar, Archangel battles the Crimson Dynamo, Deadpool fights Warpath, the Punisher clashes with X-23, while Thundra tries to subdue Domino. When Archangel carries the Crimson Dynamo into the air, the armored Russian sets his armor to self-destruct. The Dynamo ejects out of the armor, leaving Archangel to be knocked out by the explosion. Inside, the Punisher manages to impale X-23 with a broken pool cue, but she knocks him out with a blow to the head. While Domino manages to incapacitate Thundra with a blast from her gun. That's when Elektra dives in and knocks Domino onto the bar so they can talk it out. She demands to know why the Red Hulk was after her, because their mission was no-questions-asked. However, since X-Force was here, she has come to believe that both teams are being set up to eliminate each other. Meanwhile, Deadpool and Warpath find themselves fighting in the kitchen. As they struggle with each other, the gas on a stove is turned on. As they are tossing knives around, a butcher knife ends up cutting an electrical wire, igniting the gas and causing an explosion.

Thundra pulls herself out of the flaming wreckage and finds the Red Hulk, telling him what happened. He suggests they retreat before the sun rises, and that's when Thundra notices that the Hulk is blind. Suddenly, Wolverine comes speeding up in a taxi cab and slams into the Hulk. The Hulk isn't overly harmed by the impact, and Wolverine is thrown through the windshield. Recovering from the crash, Logan tells the Hulk to put an end to the fight since the battle is lost. However, Wolverine is attacked by behind by a massive red skinned woman in a shredded jumpsuit weilding Domino's gun and Elektra's sai.

Appearing in "Hulk Movies"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Movies"

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Solicit Synopsis

The battle you've been waiting for: THE RED HULK VS. WOLVERINE. Plus: Deadpool! Elektra! Punisher! Vs. X-Force! All this and a shock ending that will have all of Marveldom twittering! Superstars Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill continue the action-packed part 2 of CODE RED!


Continuity Notes

  • Wolverine mentions that the Green Hulk once said that jumping around wouldn't save him "back in the day". He is referring to when Wolverine and the Hulk first fought in Incredible Hulk #181.

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