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Synopsis for "She"

The Red Hulk had gathered a team to find out if Domino of X-Force had learned his identity. This led to a battle between Code Red and X-Force. In the ensuing battle, Wolverine blinded the Red Hulk. However, things take a surprising turn when Wolverine is downed by a Red She-Hulk, armed with Domino's gun and one of Elektra's sai. Shocked by this, Thundra explains who this is, but the Red Hulk insists that he doesn't know who this is. When asked where she got her weapons, the Red She-Hulk explains that she took them from Domino and Elektra after she killed them. Wolverine hopes not and stabs his claws into an underground electrical line to shock She-Hulk enough to let him go. Wolverine tries to leave to find Domino, warning that he will kill anyone who follows him. The Red She-Hulk leaps at him and the two fight it out. When Logan points out similarities between the Red She-Hulk and her green counterpart, she informs Wolverine that Jennifer Walters is dead. This angers Wolverine enough to put him into a frenzy. However, he is blasted away by the Punisher who has just pulled himself out of the burning bar along with Deadpool. Soon they are strafed by Archangel who unleashes a flurry of razor sharp feathers upon them. Thundra manages to wrap her chain around his neck and orders that he land or she will snap his neck. While everyone else is distracted, the Red She-Hulk tells her male counterpart to come with her. At first, the Red Hulk doesn't trust her but decides to go along with her she when she starts quoting "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

When Wolverine recovers he is determined to find the Hulks, but he is stopped by a man who convinces him that it is more important to find Domino and Elektra and not give into his animalistic tendencies. Agreeing, Logan leaps through the fire to find them. This man then tells Archangel that Warpath and X-23 are still wounded inside the building. He then tells the remaining members of Code Red that the Hulk wasn't going to follow through on their promises, but tells them that he does.

Down in a subway tunnel, the Hulks make their way through the tunnels. When the Red Hulk asks who his female counterpart is and who sent her. She tells him that she was sent by the same people who created him and that she has come to recover him because he has become a liability. She points out how he has brought too much attention to himself, tied in with his failed attempts to destroy the green Hulk and ultimately how he absorbed the power from the Hulk, restoring him to Bruce Banner forever. She says at this point, he is the only Hulk left. The Red Hulk then asks her if she had ever heard the fable about a king trying to get six blind men to recognize an elephant. The Red She-Hulk responds by saying that someone she loved once told her that story, but that he is dead to her now. The Red Hulk then asks who she is, but she only says that she is a friend and she needs all the friends he can get before what their employers are planning can come to fruition.

They continue down the tunnel when the Red Hulk notices his vision starting to come back. The Red She-Hulk insists that they get to higher ground. However, the Red Hulk senses others in the tunnel. When the Red She-Hulk dismisses this he slams her against a wall demanding to know where she is leading him. Red She-Hulk easily overpowers the Hulk while Thundra, Deadpool and Punisher get the drop on him. When the Red Hulk asks what's going on, Doc Samson arrives and informs him that he is being double-crossed.

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Synopsis for "Hulk Date"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

Red She-Hulk. ‘Nuff said.


Continuity Notes

  • The Red She-Hulk's battle with Elektra and Domino is chronicled in Incredible Hulk #607608. She also states that Jennifer Walters, the original She-Hulk, is dead. The apparent death of Jen Walters is chronicled in Incredible Hulk #606.
  • Red She-Hulk recounts how the Red Hulk absorbed the original Hulk's gamma radiation. This happened in Incredible Hulk #600.

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