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Quote1.png The line in the sand between man and beast gets very blurry during war. You don't get to hold your moral ground when 'thou shalt not kill' is no longer an option. That doesn't make me uncomfortable. Never has. Quote2.png
Red Hulk

Appearing in "Man Nor Beast"

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Synopsis for "Man Nor Beast"

Aboard an aircraft, the Red Hulk is contacted by Bruce Banner who demands to know where he is. The Red Hulk assures him that he is where is supposed to be. As they squabble, the Red Hulk gets over the drop zone. Red Hulk then leaps out of the plane that has flown him over the nation of Wakanda. It is here he hopes to stop the Intelligencia from capturing the Beast, one of the eight smartest men in the world. While at the secret headquarters of the Intelligencia, the Leader and MODOK discuss the possible use and threat of Tony Stark. MODOK reminds him that Stark is not mentally capable to be of use and when he finally restores his intelligence, their plan will already be well underway. Pressing on with their plan, they have Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom wired into the Liddleville technology to drain them of their intelligence. They then press ahead of with the next pair they are seeking to capture, sending the Red Ghost and his Super-Ape.

Meanwhile, in Wakanda, T'Challa and the Beast are sitting down to a meal to celebrate the birthday of the Black Panther's wife, the X-Man known as Storm. When Storm joins them she can't confirm to Beast if Cyclops will be joining them this evening. No sooner is this said does Cyclops arrive with Iceman and Angel. Suddenly, the lights go out and everyone goes on alert. While everyone is distracted, the Red Ghost uses his phasing powers to make T'Challa intangible and spirits him away through the floor. Storm tries to blast a hole through with lightning but her husband and his captor are long gone, but the X-Men follow after him. Not far away, Kragoff flees with T'Challa as his prisoner and rendezvous with his Super-Apes, warning them that the X-Men are coming. However, his warning is interrupted by the arrival of the Red Hulk who has also come to stop him. Unfortunately, the X-Men arrive at the same time and assume that the Red Hulk is their enemy and begin to attack him. They are so focused on the Hulk, they don't see the Super-Apes get into position and attack, taking them all down in one fell swoop.

As Red Ghost tries to flee with T'Challa, he is attacked by the Beast who refuses to allow him to leave. But, this all plays into the Red Ghost's plans, as his ape Mikhlo knocks him out with a mighty blow from behind. The Red Hulk catches up to try and stop them and the Ghost orders Mikhlo to attack the Red Hulk. However, the gorilla is no match for the Red Hulk's enhanced strength and he easily kills the creature. This angers the Red Ghost, as he considered his apes family. He phases his hand into the Red Hulk's chest and squeezes, causing the Red Hulk to knock out. When he wakes up the Red Ghost and his apes have left with T'Challa and Beast as his prisoners. The X-Men demands to know what is going on, but the Red Hulk only tells them that it is war. When they try to subdue him, the Red Hulk stomps his foot on the ground bowling them of then leaps over.

Later, he meets with Bruce Banner in the cave and is scolded for murdering Miklo. This causes the Red Hulk to lose his temper, but Banner is protected by his personal forcefield. Banner warns the Red Hulk that he is playing into the Intelligencia's game and that he needs him. The Red Hulk tells him that he needs nobody. While back at the Intellligencia's headquarters, the Red Ghost demands the death of the Red Hulk. Samson agrees and they take their demands to the Leader, who disagrees with them. He points out that as the Red Hulk has allied himself with Bruce Banner, Banner will try to control him as he did his own Hulk, causing a downward spiral that will make the Red Hulk their unintentional ally once again.

Appearing in "Hulk Camping"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Camping"

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Solicit Synopsis

FALL OF THE HULKS continues! He’s smashing his way through the heroes of the Marvel Universe with a rage unstoppable. Next up? THE RED HULK vs. THE UNCANNY X-MEN. And what do RED GHOST AND THE SUPER-APES want with Beast and The Black Panther? Superstars JEPH LOEB and ED McGUINNESS keep bringing the pain in the event of the century.


Continuity Notes

  • Mention is made that Tony Stark has lost his intelligence, this is a reference to the plot of Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 2) #1024 that saw Tony Stark wipe out his mind as long as Norman Osborn was running HAMMER to keep his secrets out of his hand.
  • They also talk about how Dr. Doom invented the Liddleville device used in this story. It was created in Fantastic Four #236.

Chronology Notes

Due to the events of Fall of the Hulks happening throughout various titles, some characters appear in other stories between the events of this issue. The affected characters are:

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