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Quote1.png It's over. I never should've put my faith in Banner. I might die, but worse than that, this country -- which I gave an oath to serve -- will fall in a military coup that I designed. The Intelligencia has won. Quote2.png
Red Hulk

Appearing in "The Best Laid Plans"

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Synopsis for "The Best Laid Plans"

New Mexico, Two Weeks Ago

Bruce Banner is sitting down for a meal at a New Mexico diner when suddenly, the Red Hulk comes in. However, Banner knew he was coming and uses his Bannertech stun-gun to incapacitate his foe. Bruce demands to know why the Red Hulk hasn't killed him yet, that's when the Red Hulk drops a huge bombshell: Betty Ross is still alive. Bruce suddenly realizes that the reason why the Red Hulk has kept him alive is because he doesn't have Betty and needs his help to free her and to save the world. When Bruce asks why he should trust him, the Red Hulk is silent for a moment. Then he tells Bruce who he really is and how he became the Red Hulk.

Virginia, Now

With a bag slung over his shoulder, the Red Hulk leaps high into the sky in order to reach the Intelligencia's headquarters, the Hellcarrier. Once inside he tries to radio Bruce Banner, but cannot get through. With less than three minutes to spare, he crawls into the Hellcarrier and begins searching. In one of the labs he is suddenly attacked by the Mad Thinker's Gammaroid. It impales him through the shoulder while MODOK mocks from the shadows. However, this does little to phase the Red Hulk, who rips off the Gammeroid's arm and tosses it away. Weakened from the stab wound, the Red Hulk is felled by one of MODOK's mental bolts, who vows to punish him for betraying the Intelligencia. However, the Red Hulk gets back up and continues his battle against MODOK who continue to mock his inferior mind. Just as the Red Hulk begins gaining the edge in battle, a massive green fist grabs his own. The Red Hulk thinks this is Banner, transformed into the Hulk once more, but when he turns around he discovers that it is actually the cosmic powered robot that was built to look like the Hulk. The green automation easily pounds the Red Hulk into unconsciousness.

While outside of the Hellcarrier, the combined forces of the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four arrive and wait for Banner's signal. However, when they fail to find it they begin to worry about what to do next, as they wish to rescue their captured friends before it is too late. Back inside, the Red Hulk has been placed inside biotank hooked into a Cathexis ray. As Samson taunts the Red Hulk, the bag he brought on board has been left unattended and forgotten. As the timer on it runs out, it begins to stir. Suddenly, the Red Hulk's ace in the hole emerges from within, the mercenary known as Deadpool. At that same moment, the various heroes waiting outside decide to deploy, much to the delight of the Leader and MODOK. Once the heroes breech the Hellcarrier, the two masterminds activate a series of trap doors sealing them inside. Then the Cathexis Ray is activated, siphoning power from the Red Hulk and channeling those energies into the the A.I.Marines turning them all into Red Hulks. Also exposed to this are the members of the Avengers, X-Men, and Fantastic Four who have infiltrated the Hellcarrier, transforming them into powerful Hulks. Meanwhile, Deadpool attacks Samson, cracking the glass of the Red Hulk's biotank. When the mercinary cracks it completely he is doused with the fluids inside, causing him to transform into a Hulk himself.

Horrified by what happened, the Red Hulk tells Hulkpool that he didn't realize what the Intelligencia were planning. When he tries to leave the lab to get help he is struck in the face with Thor's hammer. The Red Hulk then witnesses to his horror that army of Hulked out heroes that now stand before him that are spoiling for a fight.

Thus starts World War Hulks....

Appearing in "Hulk Cat"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Cat"

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Solicit Synopsis

FALL OF THE HULKS CONCLUSION! Now allied with Banner and Skaar, the Red Hulk takes the battle back to the Intelligencia homebase…the last place anyone expected. With the future of the U.S. at stake, can the most dangerous Hulk triumph? Guest-starring the AVENGERS, the FF and the X-MEN…who are in for a shock ending you won’t see coming!


Continuity Notes

  • The Red Hulk recounts the origins of Doc Samson, which were originally told in Incredible Hulk #141.

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Flashbacks in this story affect the chronology of characters of this story. Those characters are:

As this story is part of the Fall of the Hulks/World War Hulks events, characters in this story appear concurrently in various stories. These affected characters are:

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