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Quote1.png I was General Thunderbolt Ross. I became the very thing I hated most in life. I am the Red Hulk. And for all I've done...I deserve to die... Quote2.png
Red Hulk

Appearing in "Dogs of War"

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  • Hellcarrier

Synopsis for "Dogs of War"

High above Washington, D.C., aboard their Hellcarrier, the Intelligencia begins their end game. They have transformed members of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers into Hulks which now swarm around their one-time ally, the Red Hulk. While on the ground, the A.I.M. Marines are storming the capital. The Red Hulk battles it out with the Hulked-Out Thor, he soon is overpowered thanks to Thor's power over the storm. However, before Thor can slay the Red Hulk, Storm of the X-Men intervenes, and the two fight it out over who has supremacy over lightning. The Red Hulk then picks a fight with Captain America and Ms. Marvel but is ambushed by the Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing. Out of his depth, the Red Hulk fights his way over to Iceman and Cyclops, turning their powers against the Hulked-Out Fantastic Four. As the two teams fight each other, the Red Hulk uses Cyclops' optic blasts to punch a hole leading outside of the Hellcarrier.

Watching the battle from the war room, Samson complains to MODOK and the Leader about transforming the heroes into Hulks. The pair explain that this was all part of the plan and that they needn't worry about the Hulked-Out Heroes, as they will help them achieve the status of saviors of the Earth. They also will not have to deal with shutting these new Hulks down, as their bodies will burn out within a few hours. Elsewhere in the facility, the Red Hulk makes his way to the lab where Bruce Banner and the other geniuses have been captured. However, before he can rescue them, he is attacked by the Hulked-Out versions of Spider-Man and Wolverine. The Red Hulk pulls himself free of Spider-Man's web and snares his two captors in it and tosses them out of the building. When he tries for the captured geniuses again he is suddenly attacked by the Red She-Hulk, who informs her male counterpart that it is time for him to die.

In the war room, Samson also protests about this, saying that it wasn't part of the plan. When the Leader points out that it is now, Samson becomes furious and tries to attack him. However, the Leader has MODOK blast him with a mental blast. Meanwhile, the Red She-Hulk overpowers the Red Hulk, taxing his powers to the limits. This causes the Red Hulk to revert back to human form, revealing him to be none other than General Thaddeus Ross. Seeing her opponent for who he really is for the first time, the Red She-Hulk realizes that she can't kill him. When Ross asks why, she reveals that she is his daughter.

Appearing in "Hulk Sleepover"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Sleepover"

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Solicit Synopsis

WORLD WAR HULKS BEGINS! The FALL is over. Long wage the WAR. Red Hulk and Banner have failed, and their worst nightmares have come to kill them. Will they die fighting M.O.D.O.K. and his army of Hulks, or die by the hands of the Hulked-Out Heroes? Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness begin the end in this first chapter of WORLD WAR HULKS.


Continuity Notes

The events in this story happen concurrently with Incredible Hulk #608609, Hulked-Out Heroes #1, World War Hulks: Spider-Man vs Thor #12, and World War Hulks: Captain America vs Wolverine #12.

Chronology Notes

As this is part of the World War Hulks event, various characters appear in other stories in between the events of this issue. The affected characters are:

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