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Quote1.png While I have installed certain checks on Black Fog's actions, they are largely to protect us. If he feels he must strike others to carry out his mission, that is how he will proceed. This is what makes him a living nightmare. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Fog of War"

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Synopsis for "Fog of War"

In deep space, the last surviving members of the Norrak detect the Omegex and track its trajectory to Earth. These aliens have one single purpose: to try and destroy the Omegex before it can threaten another world.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Annie and Chuck attempt to destroy the brain mines that were implanted into the Red Hulk's body by General Fortean. Unfortunately, the nanites they send in to try and destroy the brain mines are destroyed by Thaddeus' immune system. With no answers as to how the brain mines can still function with his immune system, they cannot contact Banner as there is a communications blackout so long as Fortean can track the Red Hulk. Needing to get out and keep awake, the Red Hulk tells his LMD allies to pull over. However, Chuck wants Ross to wait a few moments. Soon they are at the Mojave boneyard where decommissioned military aircraft are left to rot. Annie warns the Red Hulk that once out of the shielded truck he will be able to be tracked by General Fortean again. Ross doesn't care as he wants to walk around. He recounts how he saw a lot of the planes here get decomissioned after exhausting all possible use out of the craft. After looking over the abandoned craft, Ross finds one model that he used to fly during his time in the Air Force. Annie suddenly detects some movement, leading the Red Hulk to consider that it might be Fortean and his troops. However, when the Red Hulk approaches this intruder, it turns out to be Black Fog, the Indian serial killer cybernetically enhanced by Zero/One.

Black Fog's ability to generate a thick black fog to cover his super speed, manages to gain the upper hand against the Red Hulk. Black Fog inflicts a great deal of damage upon the Red Hulk. Annie tells them that they need to get out of there because in his fatigued state, the Red Hulk cannot take much more punishment. Observing the battle is Zero/One and her assistant, Jacob Feinman observe the battle through Black Fog's eyes. Needing to get to higher ground, the Red Hulk grabs Annie and they leap clear of the fog. However when they catch up to Chuck, he is sliced in half by their foe. Before their foe an destroy Annie, the Red Hulk puts his arm in the way and is stabbed clean through by one of Black Fog's swords. Needing to get some distance between their foe, the Red Hulk claps his hands, knocking their foe away. As General Fortean and his men arrive in the Thunderbolt, the Red Hulk damages Black Fog enough for Zero/One to teleport him away. Spotting Zero/One's ship, Fortrean and his soldiers are forced to chase after it, leaving the Red Hulk for later.

With the battle over, the Red Hulk and Annie return to their truck to find that Gus had also been seriously damaged by Black Fog. Before he terminates, Gus hands Thaddeus a vial containing a chemical that can hopefully cure him of the brain mines and allow him to get some rest without turning back into human form. After instructing him on its use, Gus terminates his functions and crumbles to dust. They quickly get back into the shielded truck and take off. Meanwhile, both Fortean and Zero/One regroup from their individual attempts at trying to destroy the Red Hulk and vow that next time they will succeed. Two days alter, the Red Hulk wakes up to find that the serum Gus developed work. They are then contacted by Commander Rogers, who tells the Red Hulk that his next mission will be in space. While at that moment, Omegex destroys the last of the Norrak and continues on his course to the Earth.

Appearing in "Hulk Waiter"

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Synopsis for "Hulk Waiter"

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Solicit Synopsis

Two nightmarish new villains attack Red Hulk at his most vulnerable! After sleepless weeks on edge, Red Hulk is losing it fast. Perfect timing for enemies mounting separate attacks—and the deadliest comes from a dark horror restored to the world, known as BLACK FOG. Deadliest until the world-ender called THE OMEGEX arrives! The book CBR says “continues to impress…”

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Continuity Notes

  • The Norrak mention how Earth was responsible for the downfall of the Skrull Empire. They are referring to the events of Secret Invasion #18.

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