Quote1 Nhn-nice. But I've taken hits from the green Hulk, king. On my planet...we hit hard! Quote2
-- Red Hulk

Appearing in "Red Planet Hulk: Part One"

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  • Vensk (Destruction)

Synopsis for "Red Planet Hulk: Part One"

The Red Hulk has been sent into space under orders from Commander Rogers to assist NASA in recovering a Russian shuttle, the Venski. Once they reach orbit they discover the Russian ship enveloped in a strange energy. Having taken an oxygen tablet, the Red Hulk then prepares to go out into the void of space to try and rescue the crew of the Cosmonaut's vessel. First, the Red Hulk attaches a tether line, but when the American ship tries to pull the Venski away, they discover that the energy is keeping it locked into place. The Red Hulk then tries to rescue the crew but when he gets to the cockpit he discovers that they are all dead. Suddenly, the ship lurches and the Russian ship disappears into the energy with the Red Hulk still aboard. Pulled light years into space and suddenly finds himself before two strange alien worlds: One red, the other yellow. With the ship running low on fuel and entering the gravitational pull of the two worlds, he decides to take his chances and directs the ship to the red planet. As the ship enters the planet, the entry burn causes the ship to crumble to pieces, leaving the Red Hulk to free fall on his own.

The Red Hulk falls into a massive web is and approached by alien warriors astride massive flying insects. One of the warriors thinks that the Red Hulk is a monster sent to them by their foes the Hedzek. When they attack the Red Hulk, he fights back but he is quickly knocked out when one of the warriors throws a pod containing spores that knock him out. When the Red Hulk wakes up he finds himself bound in something called a Mindroot to keep him in a weakened state which also teaches him the Tirenean language. He is interrogated by Alturi, an advisor to King Warka. He begins questioning the Red Hulk and discovers that he knows nothing of where they are or the war between the planets Tiran and Randaa. Alturi believes that this stranger is not a monster sent by the Hedzek. However, the others aren't convinced by the obvious. Suddenly, King Warka arrives, riding on a massive tusked creature. This massive warrior king, doesn't impress the Red Hulk in the slightest. When he scoffs at Warka, he incurs his wrath.

Thanks to the Mindroot, the Red Hulk is too weak to fight back against Warka and is easily trounced. This whole experience reminds the Red Hulk about how the Hulk endured a similar situation and wonders if his supposed allies, the Avengers, have done the same thing to him as they did to the original Hulk not too long ago. He becomes determined to return home much like the Hulk did and learn the truth. Meanwhile, Warka decrees that the Red Hulk will fight in an arena. However, Alturi has decided to help the Red Hulk and administers some drugs that will allow him to snap free of the Mindroot plant at the right moment. The Red Hulk is then taken to the arena where he is to fight Kargus the Deadly. They are to fight until one of them dies, with Warka controlling them with the Mindroot. However, the antidote has worked its way through, and pulls Warka into the arena. The Red Hulk, now at his full strength, easily beats Warka into submission. With the warlord defeated in combat, Alturi proclaims the Red Hulk is now their Red King, which was not the deal the Red Hulk made with the wise man.

Solicit Synopsis

Commander Steve Rogers has a new mission for Red Hulk... in outer space! A rescue mission goes wrong and Big Red finds himself pulled into a strange planetary system at war. Epic monster battles! Brazen warrior women! Space intrigue! And... King Red Hulk?! Is it cosmic Déjà vu, a cruel joke of fate, or are there other hands at work??? Find out in PLANET RED HULK, an epic two-part adventure from Planet Hulk’s Carlo Pagulayan and Hulk master scribe Jeff Parker!


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