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Synopsis for "Shock to the System"

One Week Ago:

MODOK Superior meets with two former HAMMER agents in the Fresh Kills Landfill on Long Island. They have brought him something that they stole from the agency when it was dismantled. Although MODOK can create his own weapons, this item is unique and will be suitable for his needs. He pays the men and takes off.


As the Red Hulk sleeps he begins to dream: First he dreams about his childhood in which he witnesses a plane crash. The memories shift to strange electric visions of soldiers being attacked at a wind farm. Thaddeus wakes up when his phone beings to ring. Fourteen hours later he is aboard a helicopter with his LMD assistant, Annie. They are flying over Coover Ridge Electric Wind Field in Iowa. Having analyzed the details of his dreams, Annie believes that he was actually seeing visions and this wind farm was the most likely spot. Spotting some bodies scattered around an overturned bus, the Red Hulk leaps down to the ground. He examines the people and discovers that they are all dead. Suddenly, Thaddeus is blasted by a jolt of electricity, by something that knows who he is. Meanwhile, Annie lands the chopper and is captured by MODOK Prime.

The Red Hulk survives the jolt and climbs over the ridge to see who is responsible. He is surprised to see that it is Zzzax. This causes Ross to think back to the time that SHIELD scientists attempted to use Zzzax as a weapon controlled by General Ross. This led to Ross' mind taking control of Zzzax, but he ultimately failed to stop the Hulk. Snapping back to reality, the Red Hulk attacks Zzzax before he can completely drain the energy of his latest victims. When Zzzax tries to drain the Red Hulk, he is too powerful and knocks his foe aside. He tells the creature that it will need more power if it ever plans on stopping him. Zzzax obliges by drawing power from the wind turbines, increasing his size. As the Red Hulk attempts to absorb Zzzax's energy, he then begins seeing things through the monster's eyes. This distracts Ross long enough for Zzzax to capture him. This is when MODOK Superior lets his presence be known. After scanning Annie's databanks, he has learned of Ross' past history of Zzzax and his recent developments.

MODOK offers the Red Hulk the chance to join him again, having expunged his humanity, MODOK is now much different than his past incarnation. The Red Hulk refuses, and when he threatens to destroy Annie, the Red Hulk remembers how he was tutored into taking control of Zzzax. He uses this technique now and has the creature completely dissipate itself in an explosive blast. This severely injures MODOK, who takes off, vowing to return. With Annie recovered, the Red Hulk notes that he won't be able to exploit Zzzax again in the future and MODOK is now an even more deadly threat than ever before.

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Synopsis for "Hulk Goodbye"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Why is Red Hulk dreaming of people dying- and how does this vision lead to the all-new, all-improved M.O.D.O.K.? Fortunately for Red Hulk, part of M.O.D.O.K.’s new M.O. is a more non-confrontational personal approach to villainy. Unfortunately for Red Hulk, although M.O.D.O.K. desires to keep his own hands clean, he feels no such need to reign in his newest ally, the electrifying Zzzax!


Continuity Notes

  • MODOK Superior's origins are glossed over in this story. The original MODOK, George Tarlton was reverted back to human form in Incredible Hulk #610. However, MODOK set a contingency plan that recreated him through a cloned brain as seen in Hulk (Vol. 2) #29.

Chronology Notes

A flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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