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Quote1.png Do you think it was an accident that the Watcher showed up today? Two of the strongest beings in the universe--at odds against each other--cracking the earth down to the core. Don't pass out on me yet. I'm not interested interested in that milksop Banner. I want the Hulk! Quote2.png
Red Hulk

Appearing in "Red Light, Green Light"

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Synopsis for "Red Light, Green Light"

With the Green and Red Hulks about to battle, the Watcher has come down to Earth to observe the battle. However, the Red Hulk is able to see Uatu and moves fast enough to strike the Watcher down. Red pummels Uatu until the Hulk catches up and resumes their battle.

As the two powerhouses trade blows, the Red Hulk explains that he has come to put his green counterpart down once and for all, saying that the Green Hulk has done nothing but ruin the lives of those around him. Channeling cosmic energy, the Red Hulk's strength increases and he gets the Green Hulk in an arm lock, breaking the brute's arm. Cutting off the Hulk's air, his red counterpart tells the Hulk that he defeated everyone in his way and warns him not to pass out as he wants to finish the Hulk, not Bruce Banner. Meanwhile, Iron Man and his Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are searching for Clay Quartermain, General Ross, and Doc Samson, who have been missing since the Red Hulk took down their helicarrier. In a warehouse, they discover the dead body of Clay Quartermain as well as a torn jacket that is literally dripping with gamma radiation. Maria Hill informs Iron Man that the coat belongs to Doc Samson.

At that same moment, the Red Hulk has dragged his foe to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. He decides that it is time to kill the Green Hulk and pulls out the same gun that he used to kill the Abomination. However, before Red can pull the trigger, the Hulk bites down on the barrel, destroying the gun. Although the Green Hulk regains the upper hand, his red counterpart is still stronger and manages to knock the Hulk off the bridge. As the Red Hulk gloats that he is the strongest there is, he is suddenly confronted by Thor who is more than willing to test and see who is more mighty.


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