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Quote1.png No, I figured this out before I ever changed. But now I really get it. Hulk is every part of yourself you don't let out. The ugly truth any decent human tries to hide. I'm a soldier. Was. My whole career was about acknowledging that side and letting it do what only it could. To survive To kill. Quote2.png
Red Hulk

Appearing in "Red Sky at Morning"

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  • Feinman's diary


Synopsis for "Red Sky at Morning"

At Gamma Base, the LMD known as Annie is alerted that something is heading toward the facility. The gamma signature is similar to that of the Red Hulk, leaving them to wonder if something changed him in Sharzhad. When they go up to the surface to check it out, they discover that it's not Thaddeus Ross at all, but his daughter, the Red She-Hulk. Betty demands to know where her father is. She starts to get rough with Annie when the Red Hulk and X-51 arrive. Thaddeus tells her daughter to let Annie go free. When she refuses, X-51 blasts Annie free. This frees up the Red She-Hulk to engage her father in battle. When the Red Hulk demands to know what the Red She-Hulk wants, he is told "she" wanted to see him. When the others inquire about who she is talking about, Annie points out that the Red She-Hulk's persona is much different than her alter-ego Betty Ross. Meanwhile, the Red She-Hulk has knocked her father into the base. There she explains that her alter-ego wanted to see him, but had to transform into the Red She-Hulk to get past security. The Red She-Hulk, however, couldn't care less about seeing Thaddeus Ross. Hearing this, the Red Hulk fights back, saying his daughter's human side is not weak and not to stoop to the same rationale as Bruce Banner when he becomes the Hulk. When the Red Hulk tries to convince his daughter to return to human form, she hits him across the face and then leaps away.

Later, Annie shows Machine Man around the facility so he can familiarize himself with the layout. They are joined by Thaddeus Ross, who apologizes for the way her daughter acted as the Red She-Hulk. Although Annie hopes the two can sort out their differences, she gets back to their mission and tells her that she has finished reading Jacob Feinman's diary about Zero/One and her recent activities. She quickly recounts their past encounters with Zero/One and her capabilities and motivations. She then reads from Feinman's diary, telling them how Zero/One took over an old Omnisapient sea platform, killed the workers and turned their bodies into drones, and then began reconstructing it into a mobile platform called the Ogygia. Soon they are off the coast of California. Getting as close as possible, they send X-51 for recon. Annie then asks Thaddeus to take the wheel while she checks out something downstairs. In reality, she has detected that the Red She-Hulk had smuggled herself aboard the ship. She reveals that she knew that Betty had boarded the ship from the start, but decided not to tell anyone as she believes that they should actually talk things out. Before she can say anything more, she gets a call back from Machine Man.

X-51 reports that Ogygia has increased in size, drawing materials from the ocean to add to itself and that Zero/One is responsible for the death of 1900 people. Annie tells her to come back, but their approach has already been detected by Zero/One. She is curious as to why Thaddeus Ross is coming to her since she believes their animosity has ended. She also wonders how he managed to find them. Fearing that Zero/One might learn of his betrayal, he suggests that they might have been out looking for all the boats that went missing in the region of late. With the Red Hulk leaping toward the Ogygia, Zero/One sends Black Fog out to meet him as well as her latest experiments. When the Red Hulk and X-51 arrives, Ross decides that they are going to sink this rig. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Zero/One's drone workers and Black Fog. Zero/One also appears and tells them that their attempts to stop her mission to change the world in her image is seen as a hostile act. She then unleashes her latest experiment, a horde of massive mutated sea creatures.

Solicit Synopsis

• RED SHE-HULK shows up to confront big daddy! • The return of the villainous villainess, ZERO/ONE!


Continuity Notes

  • Annie states that Thaddeus and his daughter Betty have not seen each other for a year. This should be considered a topical reference in that it measures the amount of time in physical publications. Due to the time compression rules of the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, the length of time should be considered as happening a few months prior as opposed to an entire year.

Chronology Notes

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