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Synopsis for "Rolling Thunder"

Atop the Golden Gate Bridge, the Red Hulk has just finished defeating his green counterpart in battle only to be confronted by Thor. This momentarily causes the Red Hulk to pause because he thought Thor was dead. This allows the thunder god to land the first blow. However, his most powerful blow barely does any damage, shocking Thor long enough for this new Hulk to charge at him. He knocks Thor into a nearby lighthouse and begins pounding on him. Thor recovers and tries to strike again, only for his foe to b lock it. Holding onto the hammer, the Red Hulk leaps into the air, counteracting the enchantment that prevents people from picking up by a technicality as Thor is still holding onto Mjolnir. The pair rocket out of Earth's orbit. In the zero gravity, the Red Hulk is able to wrest the hammer out of Thor's hands and turn the mystical weapon against its owner. After pummeling Thor, the Red Hulk then tosses his opponent and his weapon onto the moon. After kicking dirt on Thor, the Red Hulk leaps back to Earth, crash landing in Monument Valley.

Meanwhile, Iron Man has paid a visit to the Baxter Building to get Reed Richards to try and decipher what Bruce Banner was telling General Ross on a video recorded at Gamma Base. Observing the video, Reed notes that someone had altered it to reduce the volume at the crucial moment where Banner is whispering to Ross. They can't the entire conversation, but it leads them to believe that Doc Samson is the Red Hulk. Before they can examine the video further, it infects the computers with a computer virus, shutting down the power in the Baxter Building. Just then, Iron Man gets a call from Maria Hill. She tells him that the Red Hulk's return to Earth caused a powerful enough impact to affect the San Andreas Fault and San Francisco is about to fall into the ocean.

Back in California, the green Hulk is pulled out of the waters under the Golden Gate Bridge by A-Bomb. Unaware that A-Bomb is actually his old friend Rick Jones, the green Hulk asks why he has helped. A-Bomb explains the danger and asks for the Hulk's help. The Hulk, however, is more interested in continuing his battle against the Red Hulk. It's then that an Avengers Quinjet arrives. Iron Man emerges and tells Hulk that he will need some help. The Hulk turns to look and sees that Iron Man has brought She-Hulk, Ares, the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner and the Thing along with him.

Appearing in "Hulk Splash"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1.

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Synopsis for "Hulk Splash"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #1.


Continuity Notes

  • Red Hulk thought that Thor was dead. Thor was killed in Thor Vol 2 #85. At the time of this story Thor had been recently resurrected as seen in Thor Vol 3 #1.
  • The man in the video who appears to be General Ross is actually a Life Model Decoy as revealed in Hulk Vol 2 #23.

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