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Synopsis for "I Am Legion"

In order to try and stop a ghost from haunting him the Red Hulk has traveled to the New Jersey Fresh Kills at the behest of Doctor Strange. While attempting to access the secret Monster Metropolis he is attacked by a creature guarding it. As the astral form of Doctor Strange watches, the Red Hulk rips apart the monster in order to continue on his mission. Following the tunnel into Monster Metropolis, the Red Hulk's presence is picked up on the security monitors, those watching see a strange shadow behind him and question. Doctor Strange then instructs the Red Hulk to return to human form. When he does, those monitoring him note that the strange shadow is still there and deem it a hostile. Suddenly, a monstrous creature begins chasing him down the tunnel. When Thaddeus tries to turn back into the Red Hulk, he discovers that he can't. When the creature catches up and tries to go in for the kill, it is attacked by the Manphibian. Ross suddenly realizes that the amphibious creature is trying to save his life. Suddenly the alarm goes off warning the Manphibian that a horde of monsters is heading their way.

Suddenly, Thaddeus can transform into the Red Hulk again. They begin fighting off the monsters until a banshee arrives on the scene. Its shrieks risk to blow up their heads, but its vocal chords are severed by the Jack Russel, the Werewolf by Night. With the monsters standing between them and the lab, the Red Hulk assists the two monsters in fighting through the horde blocking their path. When they reach the lab, Jack contacts the inside and asks to be let in. They are greeted by Morbius the Living Vampire. After being invited in, the Red Hulk is suddenly jolted by a mystical bolt unleashed by the Living Mummy. Thaddeus believes that he is being attacked, but he is restrained and realizes that Doctor Strange has been in this lab the whole time. He explains that he told the Living Mummy to jolt him by surprise so that the presence haunting him could be drawn out and placed in the body of the Living Mummy, a perfect vessel for the malicious spirit. When they can identify the identity of the spirit, Doctor Strange tells Ross that anonymity is a powerful means of defense in magic. Not only this, Morbius points out that this ghost seems to be emitting gamma radiation.

Suddenly, the Red Hulk realizes who the spirit is and calls out the name of Doc Samson. With his identity revealed, Doc Samson makes his presence visible. As he attacks Ross, he explains how he almost didn't exist in the void and it was only when the Red Hulk ventured into the afterlife was Doc Samson able to pull himself back together drawing energy from the Red Hulk to reconstitute himself. He explains that he is seeking revenge as he has always tried to cure Bruce Banner of being the Hulk and that he wasn't considered a member of the "Hulk family" because he wasn't a monster. No willing to give up his life, the Red Hulk begins absorbing the stolen gamma rays back while Morbius and his allies use a machine to try and contain the spirit of Samson. Instead, they succeed in ripping the spirit apart. Red Hulk feels sorry that Samson had to die and feels remorse. Doctor Strange tells him that the manifestation they were fighting wasn't the true Doc Samson, but his dark side. Jack then pours them all drinks and they make a toast to Doc Samson.

Solicit Synopsis

• General Ross is being haunted by ghosts from his past… but WHOSE ghosts are they? • Red Hulk wants answers, but so do… RAIZO KODO and THE FORGIVEN?!?! • Does salvation lie in the hands of the LEGION OF MONSTERS?


Continuity Notes

  • Morbius tells the Red Hulk that his condition is due to a mishap of science. Morbius was turned into a living vampire in Amazing Spider-Man #101.

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